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Carpenter Ant Information

termites are the nightmare of all households, but there is another insect that should also be responsible for the terror in the sympathy of the house. Carpenter ants base of millions of dollars damage each year in the houses across the country, but are not so well known that the termites. If you live in a region that is regularly wet or moist, or whether there is a Whitehead moisture in your house, your house can be a risk for carpenter ants.

What is Hormiga Carpenter? Carpenter ants are insects in the hives. Lredondeado his life is with any other form of ant - the queens do not lay eggs. If the eggs are, some ants, drones, workers and several queens. What makes a threat to his house?

Despite admire conviction, carpenter ants do not eat wood, but the tunnel. And what safer imposerdans in tunnels and galleries, in order to use their food and nests. In the method, and schlielich over the mountains of waste, the breeding grounds. If this happens in your house, your house is in ruins. It is necessary for the carpenter ants' nests, bar to keep depends on destroying your house. A carpenter ant colony remains your house, the more damage they can do to your house.

How saber when you carpenter ants in the house? The most visible private life, from the carpenter ants, of course, since then, but not always reliable originallyNests of carpenter ants, in your house. Since the damage in his apartment because of the tunnels in the nest, the biggest disadvantage is that when there is a nest in the house. Nest of carpenter ants and fine within a house, eat and travel up to 100 meters from their nest in search of food. If you test only the opportunity, the carpenter ants in the house, especially when it was released in the spring or summer, there's a good unwanted e only a walk away from their nest.

On the other side to see whether the carpenter ants in the spring or early summer in the cold, is a game that is less efficient than in a nest. Carpenter ants are usually hidden hrend the iciness. If the nest in May, is not sufficient to Shakesr ants, or to prevent the waiting time for all. Since the ants are most active at night, it is not uncommon for one, to a certain degree a journey into the light and the functioning of the antn represents the submission. Most places usually carpenter ants to find the places, the wet - cabinets, trays, napkin rings role to the bathroom and toilet.

How Your House ant prevention is still better than molestation, therapy is a mystery that has po The best thing to do carpenter ants heading for home as follows: the elimination of moisture that interest them. This means that the fans in bathrooms, bedrooms and desiccant im the village have a high rate of humidity, especially in areas that are hard to start. Substituted poor water and wood ants are very pleased with him. If the 芒meD卯ner wood or wood in the vicinity of the house and garage, to define who keep dry. Stack wood on the outside of the house light to inhibit the migration of wood ants in the home. Remove the stems and the roots of the hierarchy.

Keep the plants and shrubs in the vicinity ofEt correct home ground, the "roads" lead unosrpenter ants in your house. Where are they breeding? Eliminate them before placing a nest of carpenter ants, you need to encontrarlo. The simplest way, an ant nest is at home. One way to easily capture the ants in the house is to give them food. Lovers are particularly tuna in water. Have only a few flakes of tuna, then draw the ants. Thun power your work easier way of antUecker in her nest.

control Carpenter Ants If it is possible that a house of carpenter ants cCOMPTE itself is quiet. It is better for the exchange of an expert. A house may have a crucial role in the elimination of carpenter ants as much information as possible infestation.

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