Tuesday, March 17, 2009

breeds and their characteristics

Noom Many people do not take into account when buying a dog or like most people of a certain breed of dog because of its size, its popularity Dogs air when choosing a dog of the decision should be based mainly on the breed of the dog, because the characteristics. In addition, every dog is different some dogs a little more stamina than others and easier for others to other dogs. It also differences differents eXist types ofIntelligence, such as:

the ability to learn - if the dogs tienenuna a good ability to learn can only be issued in a situation where a couple of times to generate a stable, for example, in the sense that their toys are anchored to the place in the game. solving problems - the fastest by a dog that is a problem with the minimum of the error at the beginning

Message inteligencia - dogs to understand what you must do the will to adopt and dogsThe addresses will not be distracted

instinct and intelligence - that intelligence usually in dogs by the combination of different qualities of each breed. The dogs are good qualities, taking into account the fact that all dogs can be good and large animals, some are better, so of course others. Fox Terrier inches machinery - it is a small but very active and very lively dog, the perfect Gleichgewicht, is attentive, very fast. Wired Hair Terriers are dogs that come to, and without fear. . Basset Griffon sell - this dog is big, active and brave dogs great strength and a great crust to go with him. These dogs are happy and out, but perhaps a bit stubborn and slightly worried, but pritsen for society to handle. Greyhound - These dogs have remarkable resilience and strength and needs much practice, even very Intelligent are nature, love, and also a great dog and very easy to moderate in training .. Siberian Husky - these dogs great companions, the mild and friendly, attentive, sociable, intelligent and very timid. These dogs are good training, because they are willing apprendre and working conditions. In a study that shows that dogs are intelligent, easier to learn and have a great desire to work and obey the Bildung a list of the best and worst in the first instance, the Border Collie, the list looks like this:

1 Border Collie

2 Poodle

3 German Shepherd

4 Golden Retriever

5 Susana

6 Berger Shetland

7 Labrador Retriever

And the less intelligent are:

1 Afghanistan Dog 2 Basenji

3 Bulldog

4 Chow Chow

5 Borzoi

6 Bloodhound

7 Beijing

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