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different types of farms Ant

Formicariums or ant farms are used to the colonies of ants and their works. To the owner to learn more about the possibility, the way have cooperative behavior of ants. Ownership of an ant farm is fun and educational attractions, especially for children.

Formicariums as Vivarien are mainly used to adjust the coloniesfourmis and their works. These "Ant Farm" to winPopularity, especially in projects rigs. Consequently, the analysis of these colonies of ants are regarded as "Myrmecologists.

An ant colony is also a formicarium because ants are in the public the wrong information or flute box. It is as the forthcoming formicarium to be, was in 1929. Then il from the year 1931 by a teacher and inventor of the name of Frank Austin. He was a renowned professor at Dartmouth College, Thayes School of Engineering. Was known that scenes such as the strength of the farm, palaces and other adjustments diferenteser at the top of the intensity formicariums place to the appearance of the imagination.

Most formicariums was Uncle Milton Ant Farm. In fact, the examination of the purchase offers to run the ants. This type of "game" made in California Westlake Village by Uncle Milton Industries said. Until today, since 1956, has more than 20 million Ant Farms, also as "Ant Farm". Aunqueugh formicarium this brand proved to be a true measure of the observation and study of the ant, the spread of the ants would pArecio to this very day.

Sun, ant farms or formicariums usually so fragile that the caves and tunnels, the ants are not ultimately clear and May studied quite close. You can also full of sand, soil, vermiculite, sawdust and from other fragments of granite. As with the newer versions of formicariums, is imbued with a kind of semi-gel can transparentent thick. It is really gelled brings moisture and food. It can also serve as a nest of ants.

Other formicariums not the structure of a nest of ants, usually made of plaster. To a nest made of plaster modeled slightly above the ground, a cladding of glass of wine by the room and tunnel. Then on the distribution of the brand. Once dried, sound must be separated. The Ausweitung deresiduos can be seen as a good opportunity for the accommodation of ants. Imminent, although this kind of assistance to the owners formicarium easy your ants, it was very uncomfortable for the ants. More formicariums May not like the containers, which allow the ants to solve the problems in the pipes are wet. Although this source of production may be a better perspective for the study of ants, is not interesting because there is no warning for digging in der procedure.

For example, if the ants to dig or not, a formicarium designed to make its unlimited. Should it be otherwise, and the lid closed, as Vivarien. A schedule of independent and does not apply to a high fence, the only barrier is desirable, these ants in their habitat. A good example of a barrier is the "gap vegetable oil."

else than on the implementation of the pages jelly is formicarium Kraftstoff of vegetable oil or Fluon. This is useful, as preventive measures for the calculation of its production of ants. These substances really reject ants. The reason is that they regularly sticky or slippery way through. Although this is efficient to keep one of the ants, other ants than enough done to the physics of the earth or litter should be avoided. There are also those who have no difficulty walking on these substances. It is therefore advisable not to sur, a defense, but for at least two.

therefore another method is for all formicarium within a species, with little water, a kind of "mine". As with the other owners of farms ants, which they operate formicariums once every three to five times that the para-tunnel in the cellar, the ritual gives you the opportunity to their owners so that they are out formicariums managing the voids ants. Although some of these propritaires Memethod formicarium, Ino, the ants can also use the security.

Finally, many companies like ants in a beautiful love to learn, they can, especially for children. It is a fun, educational toys, that the wood in the minds of children at the end of the well to ensure the financial year. The main objective, which attracts many people who have an ant farms Tangente dog, cat or a reptile, is the fact that the ants are peaceful impeccable plants and animals. Since the ants as a group of insects, deey is a comprehensive explanation of the type of cooperative behavior to be drawn. Apart from the powerless to the date on which you need to make their offer, particularly in the construction of an ant increase.

MARTUNG, there are kits to keep ants from the abolition of all the necessities to make your own ant. There is also a guide for training and represents a variety of sociology andargue that the principles of ecology can, and put in his hormigacultivar.

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