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various chemical treatments of termites

slgunas are the possibilities that most of the termites with chemicals. Note that these chemical treatments are also used as prevention and treatment.

? Termiticide liquid - liquid termiticides are generally completely around and underneath a structure covering all areas where the termites access.

For nouveauxconstruction again this result is confirmed by the treatment, the the ceiling is casting. For an existing building, the scope of the Foundation grave excavation drilled, then treated termiticide.

The goal of treatment is a chemical barrier between the termites in the soil and the structure. The chemical barrier can also affect the termites in a building to prevent his return to Earth. In many cases, the termites moriran dshydratation.

? Repellent Termiticide - Various Termiticides repellents on the market. These are all termiticides pyrethroids. The pyrethroids are a couple of action very quickly and the poisons are highly toxic to the termites, but they have a low toxicity to mammals.

Some products are termite pyrethoid Dragnet FT, Cynoff and Talstar (FMC Corporation, Philadelphia, PA) and the devil and the Prelude (Syngenta, Inc., Greensboro, North Caroline-l).

The pyrethroids are also highly repellent to the TeRMIT. In most cases, are so repugnant that the diet of the termites in the ground to avoid contact with the termiticide and forage elsewhere.
ventajasventajas and disadvantages termiticides repulsive. One advantage is that an effective barrier to the termites in the structure. In addition, pyrethroids are used to these obstacles relatively billigund several years.

The disadvantage is that the termites are capable of the Barriere termiticide into the ground and any contact with them deadly. This is important because the implementation of a barrier completely perfect for a house is very difficult.

properties, plumbing, lines, and the garden are just some of the obstacles, the liquid termiticide application. Unterschiedeficultades Because of this, there are often deficiencies in the treatment of termiticide to be fully implemented.

Finally foraging termites May are the deficitste and access to the structure. If these termites find the wood construction, through the tunnel to try to setting the other termites in the building.

? Not repulsive termiticides - At the time of writing these lines, there are two repulsive termiticide treatments, the march commerce. The vonux poisons are nerve toxins such as pyrethroids, but the sites of attack on the nerve.

These chemicals are not repellant and TerMiten can not see into the ground. Therefore, the tunnels of termites in search of food, while termiticide chemicals, please, to die.
premise (Bayer Corporation, Kansas City, MO.) contains the active ingredient imidocloprid. Imidocloprid is vereintdass because it not only kills termites in contact with a lethal dose, but kills even in doses too small to immediate death.

When a termite mound contacts still a very small amount imidocloprid curden lethargic and forget to eat and eat the termites. Also that you are the bride of course, there will be a quick attack by fungi in the soil.

The termite dies as an indirect consequence of this exhibition mejoraidocloprid symptoms. A inconvnient Hypothse is that ntaja is more expensive than pyrethroids termiticides May and in some cases, not so long in the soil.
Termidor (Aventis Environmental Science, Montvale, New Jersey) is the newest termiticide on the Market. Termidor was launched in February 2000 for use as a non-repellent termiticide. The active ingredient is fipronil.

Fipronil is the only thing he can undre transferred from one to another by the termites and contactotrophalll'axe (municipalities) in the diet. This enables the termites in more than those who are in direct contact with the substance.

The advantage of this product is the long-term effectiveness on the ground. Data from the study show that the Fipronil May be more effective after the first application, that other liquid termiticide. A disadvantage is that Termidor is more expensive than the other flssigenides termiticides.

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