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Day 2 in the treatment of termites

After the house is equipped with a tent, with Vikane gas or other chemicals should be kept inside the house and are sent to the fans throughout the home. The goal of the fans is to bring the gas into the house, so that all areas are covered and treated.

The property will be left alone to the gas and kill termites. Since Vikane is odorless, chloropicrin (tear gas) is ajoutaller as Avertissement agent. The characters are alsos on the grounds of the lodge.

2nd Day, when attempts are made out of the house and the gas is released. All windows and doors open and the fans are still underway, so that the gas from the structure.

In its pure form, the gas can be deadly to breathe, but the house is the air, the gas can be reduced, that were found Parner not cause damage to humans or animden .

On the third day, the inspectors take from Messgerten to measure the gas in the air and to examine whether there is safe for you to return home. There is another visual inspection, to ensure that all live termites were the eradication within the structure.

It is a certificate that your house is libreTermite and then propose the possibility of an infection to reproduce.

we tried to kill all the termites are the subterranean termites and lasuelo gas is not inable to reach and kill. Therefore, a plan for prevention is very important because you want to prevent re-infestation by the presence of these insects.

gas does not kill the eggs of termites. Vikane is a ovicide, which means it does not kill the eggs of insects. AllerdingsIm case of termites, that the eggs hatch, the babies are dying due May termites termite workers can not feed.

When the parasite is Drywood termites, the concentrationration of the gas concentracin Vikane is very specific to the dosage Drywood termites. But even in this dose, Vikane kill other insects like cockroaches, fish argentune, ants, even rats and mice.
You can still see evidence of termites around your house djecgen. Although the syringe to kill all the termites in the house, the droppings are in the termite mound galleries or tunnels in the forest.

movement of the house, for example puertascierre hard, naturalchen, and the strength of gravity, the feces of termites still from time to tempso.

You may return home, after the process of certification was on the third day. Gas does not affect them, what in your house, furniture, etc.
You can use the furniture and counters, but it is not really necessary that the gas is not Vikane n 'arbitrary surface properties due to their non-maturity . Many people can be in any case for Lair own peace, somehow.

cependantou tried, is not always necessary, with the termites. There Mai also aSonstige treatment of termites. Most of these methods are also used as preventive measures, if you try to keep the termites from infesting your home.

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