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combine fun and education - 5 games for your puppy

Way a very good relationship with your dog and have fun time playing with him. Help Games puppy energy. A tired dog is less likely to do bad.

In addition, the games described below, to increase the offspring and the preparation of the Training Foundation.

Grooming A.

You must ensure that votrechiot is well prepared, at any time. Tuee meiFreizeitaktivitten means to the resistance against all the toiletries and household is early. Understy because of the puppy to the usual procedures.

Novio all parts of the body and the young stay relaxed the whole time. Make sure that the nails do not grow well and keeps the teeth clean. This will help you to regain control of the offspring.

Hide & B.

Apply From Your puppy has to enjoy the game play. In addition, this game leryou to your puppy to follow when you call.

Take your puppy sit stay. When the puppy can move a person needs to lead. Hide the Call for emotions and a few small seconds. His voice should be the search for the puppies. If successful, a great unrest and reward young people.

d make the game plusifcil gradually until your puppy learns rpondre on his behalf, even from afar. VoluntarilyEnd of the game by preventing the reproduction of the game are wrong than to be a ritual.

C. Find The Toy

With this game to learn their children in the discrimination by the sense of smell. Keep your PHAST quiet, so you can see the objects that you can store, bottle and cans on the floor, etc.. Do not touch the objects or more with a glove.

MARTUNG, the favorite toys of the puppy for a few seconds longg and dispose of it with other objects. He is the entire process. To the toy. You get the best praise.

The game of choice among the many objections scent your puppy to change flavor.

D. Jump

The puppy is through the jump voluntarily. Never indent with your pet in the jump. That the approval of marcher with you, or use a treatment by a coaxial cable. This game is to improve the mobility of JugeTALLY FRIENDLY

E. Bar Go

This game is compatible with the high jump, with the exception of the fact that the game begins with a bar on site. Keep the bar after each successful jump.

F. Chasing Cars

For reasons not entirely of the humainshumains, the dogs love to cars. They are not discouraged by the fact that the cars are moving at high speed. In fact, the speed seems to promote.

TheMay, this behavior by the refusal of the fun and joy that the benefits of hunting dog.

One way to avoid this problem is to have the car on the offspring at an early stage. Walking in the streets of the offspring. They remain and use the dog, it does not move. Shortly after the puppy is in the idea of fast cars and not be continued.

Once the dog in the habit, you will need to correct and verhichange this problem. Ask a friend to support these efforts.

? If the dog starts to run after his friend, the sound of car brakes frighten dogs. Ask your friend out of the car to ring hollebolle dog. Your friend PregUNTELE lob crates full of stones for maximum effect.

? If the dog does not bite, ask your friend, the dog really at home.

? Repeat this exercise with diferentesnt cars and people. Das full-year results will be terrible dog, the cars with danger.

? Try this exercise when your dog usually to chase cyclists, runners and skiers.

The goal of these games are not seulementd'duquer their descendants, but also to help, have fun. A game is not funny, not the attention of the dog. Therefore, you should make sure that the games are entertaining and exciting.

If you have some good advice,you can post it after the passage,thanks.

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