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How do you explain your sex Iguana

If you are like most losotro owner, you want to know what the sex of your iguana. It is impossible to say until they are sexually mature. Therefore, you must have a couple of years, if you have a baby ig.

women reach maturity when they are about 10 cm from the mouth air, while the men from about six inch ventilation openings. If your iguana is mature, there is faonspeut say what the sex.

The males hemipenal rays of the tail near the base of the tail. It is stronger than those of women. You should recognize pieces easier if your iguana at his side.

Femoral pores

You can also help with the sex search iguana Femoral pores. These pores are dotted lines, is used along the inside of the thigh. The men have pores that are often under a waxy substance. In addition, theWomen small pores, a waxy substance. Mandible

One of the main diferenciasrencias between men and women on his chin. Men have muscles on each side of his lower jaw. Therefore, the people for their dewlap extended. Women are more pronounced Bajou.

Another Head differences between the sexes at the top. The women have the head small and elegant. Men are generally dhe state and block. This is much stronger because of the great gorge before. If you are a boy, then you should also insist grasosdetrs deposits on the ear and the eye. The women do not have this lipid deposition. Spikes

One difference is the length of the dorsal tip. Women have less dorsalecrampons on the back. Males are back pain tips. The difference is of particular importance in the area of the neck.

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