Tuesday, March 17, 2009

hamsters not fat?

If the hamster and the contents are at home, they will not bite. Hamsters are very gentle creatures, whose priorities are to eat and sleep. If they bite, it will be for two reasons, either their own anxiety, or foods such as peanut butter on his fingers.

Hamsters are afraid, if a new owner is that the hamster house. Will the return of nerve-Racking, mostly because they are unpetite transport box, leading to poor hamster in klaustrophobische. At this time, that nohmster most likely to bite the finger at an object. The new owner must be very careful in the hamster in the box and the hamster in the cage. Even in the first hours in the cage, the hamster bite, as it does not. It is recommended that the hamsters in the cage one day unlimentos are readily available. Let the hamster to essenr and a nap. Hamster is quiet and learn about the Hand who nourishes us, it is not unaenemigo.

The second reason why the majority of hamster bite May, the owner since the owner must be finger food or condiment. Hamsters as appetizers and bite, but it can not hurt as much as a hamster bite out of fear. If you feed your hamster in the hand, the Palm utilisationet Eder hand food. To the extent that the owner of his hands to hold and non-sticky, jam, hamsters are not bite.

The women are men more aggressive hmstersms counterparts. So, if you want to take all necessary and not something for a hamster and then consider buying a hamster dollars.

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