Friday, March 20, 2009

Select a good Avian Vet

We are there, done that. He has an appointment with a veterinarian who claims to see the birds to find out that the only bird that can "see" on a regular basis is the food outside their offices in the window. How can I find a good veterinarian in your neighborhood? Consider the questionnaire below and if you are not in your search.

1). It is the surgeon who intends fiAAV-Guran of the Associationthe bird veterinarian? You can start (1 point)

2). This product is used by local clubs and organizations for rescue? (1 point)

3). Visit the clinic. Is it clean? The friendly staff and seems sophistication? Are there more articles from journals or birds seen in the waiting room? (2 points)

4). Calling other medicinal products and a reference to "Pajar the veterinarian. What does the name? Some of them propose dow perspective? (1 point)

5). The product that you intend to own a bird (yes, 1 point) was high bird (in this case a point)

6). How many years has the potential of the veterinary treatment of exotic animals?
1-3 years (1 point)
3-6 years (2 points)
6 years (3 points)

< br /> 14 pointsou more: we hear the choir sing? Book an appointment!
10-13 points: Vermutlich on a decent bird veterinarian.
6-9 points: It is worth trying, if not one of the few in your area.
After 6 points: Is this the vet can olo? Yikes! Be very careful.

Now you have a veterinarian for treatment, may respond to some of the basic concepts of the first visit.

The first visit:

1) Are ilPas other birds in the queue? You hear the birds on their backs?

2) Gibt birds are suitable for the examination of the articles in the room? For example, a towel, gram scale, hangers, etc.

3) How your veterinarian for birds? Is safe and gentle? Attention, as the bird reacts throughout veterinarian-intuitive sichntiments are often better than we do. The conversation with your veterinarian for birds? The veterinarian has the leg, the birds not to deal?

4) Ask questions! If the product is faulty and its desire to die as much as possible. Most veterinarians are automatically processes to explain what happened (for example: "Now I will believe towel Pickles and the sternum). Leurs The answers to questions and in depth?

5) If the veterinarian explicitly on care at home, and not with the birds when they come home. They give no information on the optimal configuration for a sick bird, and offer any advice? If the veterinarian recommends measures as handfeeding give medication or other, may explain the protocol for the implementation of their instructions? Are prepared to demonstrate that the restriction besteeur your birds and give them oral medications?

6) If possible, pull dede the first bill paid by credit card. In this way, if something goes wrong, you have someone on your side "with a lever, may be contrary to the allegation, and the veterinarian is not paid unless and until the company card erfllt is. The veterinarian is more ready to react if they were not dealt with the payment.

A good bird vet can be a long and frequently frustrating. Do not be afraid to ask questions of novelty and calls from all perspectives before your pet into the clinic. Once a jewel of a veterinarian, do you want to keep in the coming years

If you have some good advice,you can post it after the passage,thanks.

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