Friday, March 20, 2009

My Iguana Five Reasons for the whole family

Agrressive iguana can live with an unfortunate experience. There are many reasons why your May-lizard was too aggressive to you. This article discusses some of the most common reasons.

Introduction Many new owners to their new home of iguanas and find your new exotic pets can be very aggressive. They should not be surprised if this happens, because it is a normal behavior. Iguanas need time um to their new surroundings. If you have a lot of food and water, which should be the same problem after a week or two.

The representation of the majority reasons that your iguana is aggressive because it is during play. Almost all the men begin to be at a certain time of the year. This happens auchwenn your iguana is usually submissive resto year.


Another reason why your iguana can be aggressive, becauseit is underlined. May this occur for several reasons. Noises, other pets and may be the inadequacy of the flat on your iguana. To contribute to, a table in the illegality in the complex. It is the ideal place to relax when it comes stress. Temperature

One of the most important aspects deiguanes is the provision of assistance at the right temperature. You have two zones in their areas, the more cold and warme. How can they achieve their regulation of their body. At a temperature of the system, your iguana is likely to act competitively. Bad temperatures will also lead to various health problems.

Diet iguanas Mai also agressif if they are not as power supply. They need food, as food queainsi that the correct ratio of calcium-phosphorus. That is not to do your iguana to digest its food is what zu stress and aggression.

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