Saturday, March 21, 2009

Iguana Owner's Guide to binding Egg

Egg binding is a condition of the iguana is unable to be eggs from the reproductive cycle. This occurs only in women, focusing on the sexual maturity. This condition is very serious and can kill in a few days. The causes for this phenomenon?

The Causes There are many different reasons for the egg to the iguanas. Can occur when the female produces eggs grandesou bad. Diesenrtains Geburt anatomic abnormality that prevents the eggs. If not dispode with breeding, some women are delaying until the eggs are too big for you. Other causes are obesity, lack of calcium, malnutrition and kidney failure.

symptoms Pregnant May iguanas are swollen belly. But this is also a frequent symptom of the binding effect of eggs. You will notice aussique their iguana is much less active and seems to depressAlthough the strength ert. keep laying, not his. Diagnosis

Despite a physical examination may be performed, it is very difficult for veterinarians to determine whether the egg iguanas are pregnant or simply by this method alone. There must be at least an X-ray, a definitive diagnosis is required. An x-ray or ultrasound can be used to determine whether the eggs are and their location.

The veterinary treatment has several options for treatment in the egg, the iguanas. If he has sufficient experience, they lubricate the cloaca May choose carefully and try to pacify the eggs. This is risky, because it is usually fatal if it is opened, the eggs in the bush. Surgery is a common. During the operation to remove the eggs, the entire voiesivo can be removed to prevent the problem no longer occurs.

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