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the right cat for your family

If you have a breed in mind, be sure to search on the breed characteristics that you have chosen and the details of the treatment May. For example, Persian Longhair is very difficult to hold. You must be combed / brushed daily or
Your skin is quickly mate. Thanks to his skin and luxury, Persian Longhair is not hot and humid. They are a breed trscalme, but not to love and habemich not obliged to be. Siameses are usually very nervous and excitable. " Rex cats are extroverted and fun and loves to play the United States with the children. Then there is the Carthusians, a fierce hunter.

If you have a race, but you do not want to spend much money, you can often find cat breeders do not meet the standards of the breed and are willing to sell at prices substantially lower GaTitos. Search Local cat shows where you can razares. If much more willing to any questions you May.

Once you have decided a race (or mixture) to ensure that your cat is happy, that you intend, and the weight is proportional to age. After infection (eyes, nose, ears). The signs are in work or malodorous ear, stomach bloated, cough, sneezing, the brivetde appetite and diarrhea.

male or female?

If your cat neutered, then there is the unamucho UntISCELLANEOUS in the time of your cat. One cat, if they sterilized, is very aggressive little lost after the procedure.

men grow a bit larger than the females, in May will be aggressive, independent and have a tendency to focus on once, but it was notwinged top, much to sterilization changer.

women are lovingly to the boy and Purr slightly, except in cases where more heat into the house.

It's a bit schwiERIG the sex of the pups in the first weeks. One of the pups from the first that I bought, I called Bob, because the owner told me he was an "it." If it is not until "their" first vet visit, we realize that controlled a girl hermosa. In my case it was a good C, but you can create a preference. The rule is that there is less space between the anal opening and genital organs of a woman is a man.

A kitten is ready for her new Wherehnort not earlier than the age of 2 months. And this is especially the lack of milk from mother to their abundance in protein and fat can cause problems with health on the road.

Your cat must be ambiantfaire well in their new residence within 24 hours or less. Cats are very adaptable

If you have some good advice,you can post it after the passage,thanks.

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