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information about the ants in the summer

Summer is here! After freezing meaning in isolation during the long summer months is a taste, a new relationship with each other and nature. Summer is the time for a picnic! Picnic are all shapes and sizes, for small meetings with a picnic basket full of goodies for the people and the citizens of the mammoth initiative. However, neither the majority picnic, one thing remains the same, sOui, I would say the ants! Un picnic, what theTeachers, when in a safe place to experience a unique opportunity to explore and unirentre itself and with nature. Is this the reason why the picnics are so often? Is it a lack of picnic ants?

In the study of nature, we find that the debt, the vegetation, and the living standards of all animated nature instinct. The ants are an excellent example of ant vont insects live and work together in harmony. Ant colonies cooperation healthcare, nutrition and education of young ants on the exchange of expectations, waste collection, the country's culture, agriculture, food and fodder for our picnic! Are you looking for ants recognize what is in some respects, their shares are in the right place for a wide range of applications, which maintains and operates the demolition of the Constitution in line. What is this force? And what can we lernen?

The only power "It is a force that altruistic anime all parts of nature to make it as an independent organ of organs, in comparison, and in harmony." Michael Laitman PhD, "From Chaos to Harmony"

The wisdom of Kabbalah explains that the exact Nat.ure is all in the stability. As evidence for this assessment, in nature, everything in the framework of a structure interconnect smondial. Is relaxed to see what's on the ant colony. Separated from of an ant colony does not survive long. It aims not exist as an individual. Because everyone has an ant in the colony. With the contribution of each ant, the colony is biting and in its entirety, is booming in the ants.

In an logo As, all others of the kind of altruistic, just diesesist crucial for the survival and beyond the promotion of the structure. It is not on knowledge of the plants and animals, but is an Bestandteil its attribute. The animals appear May to act only as a special, but a careful examination shows that the responsibility, what to strengthen the entire body.

Man is the only part of the idea that the functions of the body entreconectado thin. Nousmise implementing a policy of selfish: how do I get the pleasure, at least to try? It is the diversity of the press in the song of nature Kabbalist we say. For this reason, fast everything we do seems to interfere with the excess of nature. Nature, however, the line of humanity. The Kabbalist we say that this is the cause of all the suffering that we have around us.

Vousta came to be bound in the nature of humanity liberateion to demand, we remain of this experience that we have a down beat. Everything that exists is for humanity to help us make the right connection between us and the the type of AltruisIf we suspect mus energy of nature as an altruistic setback against us, we must make our own selfish nature and learn the method to correct them.

Is it a picnic without ants? Picnics are ukeine experience for our refusal to recognize the weight of the altruistic nature. Perhaps the reason why one side of the day is clear how a meal is eaten, like a pleasant experience. The Kabbalist tell us what we in our course der arrogant nature qualities of altruism, in imitation of nature nature. Imitation of the qualities of the nature of love and effort to the other, and by connecting them to the recognition of the fact that all are part of a single organization, to think that there are a number of quality Naturalezadad. Through our work, in imitation of nature, we discover altruistic behavior towards the other is a pure delight, as perfect, and this leads us to be desirablebetween the Paired to this evolution of altruism, of our personal qualities.

"In this way we will float in the same way in which we were at a higher stage of the level of the power of nature itself created. We are in harmony and perfection. This is the nature of the primary human development. "- From Chaos to Harmony

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