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Please termite bait

We are increasingly a world of people who like the things themselves, if you want to save money or simply take care of the satisfaction of our own stuff, sometimes you like the "hands dirty and learn how to use new matters.

Also termite treatment is for the passionate home. There are a number of commercial products into the market with the skills that you use kennenrar. They are in many places, but we recommend IhNEN, to improve housing conditions stovolver the best choice.

termite bait

Let us first take a look at the termite bait. Perhaps the simplest approach is to do against termites, it is useful a starting point. You are not the direct work with chemicals is probably the safest way to ceginning too.

your website to this property. Draw an approximate value of the house. In this tablee ... can specify, for doors, windows, roof gutters to beaks, air conditioning drains, stem, wood, shrubs, etc.

If you take a walk along the perimeter of your home, write down the moisture conditions, offers Shadow by termites, poor drainage, air conditioning condensation, etc. dera Markr it into your spreadsheet.

In general, you should position the bait at intervals of 8-10 feet. However, the areasWhich in termites, as the following conditions, it would be desirable that the bait used in the positions of the intervals. Marzok these on the graph of your property:

EW-Earthwood Contact the wooden construction of the ground or embedded in concrete / floor coverings permettantn undetectable termite access.

M - The humidity of less than 3 'a structure of water for termites and breaks termiticide treatment.

F-Foliagee (trees, shrubs, etc.) in less than 3 feet of a structure to facilitate access visual source of food and can termitcide any breach of the lock on the root system.

Blind-J annexed areas where the deuxr pondre visually concrete and block of wood or other materials. This condition also allows the termites.

? HT hollow tile walls undetectable termite access from the room empty.

? S-Stucco in the floor from Concrete or termite also allows access.

C-cracks in the concrete more than 1 / 16 "to the termites can be.

Where oexiste waste of materials from wood cellulose, which are not involved in the structure.

Then you need to drill approximately 6 "deep. .. large enough to the bait stations. Always on alert, to the benefit of cables, pipes for water, gas, etc.

The distance from home is not critical, buttries to install 1-2 feet of the foundation would be a good choice. He does, that the bait from soil were Lamai pralablement contracts with termiticides.

By the way, I do not want any kind of insecticide directly on the floor in the bait stations, which were inserted after it to avoid the difficulties that are likely termiticide treatment of soils for the installation of the stations.

When the earth after the filling stationet on the ground, you no air bubbles around the bait stations. I galementNon Make sure that the board of the station is on the ground.

Do not forget the position of the bait stations in Figure usopeque as flags or the investigator or any other method for determining the location of bait stations. Several months from now are difficult to find than you think.

once installed, the bait stations to be reviewed every 3Months. Surveillance often that this is not to disturb sirve termites.

When the mud tubes termites live or are in a termite bait, then the wood on the game (First Line and HexPro) or control of the cartridges (advance) should be through active or toxic substances.

May is impossible to know if you have removed a settlement, but if the termites do not eat more food, which is a positive sign of the control and elimination.

Wenn no longer the power back to his replacement of wood waste to the bait stations, then as before.

When you are finished checking your bait, you must also check your house for signs of termite activity, as already mentioned, peeling of painting, tubes of mud or wood decay with a problmede termites.

Since termites are plowing, make sure that the environment is concerned, coatingment, or wood and the earth is carefully and frequently reviewed. If you have questions, if you are active termites, they must purchase a license for pest control and the house inspected.

The chemical treatments are not, as the ambienteamistosa but May be more efficient that the systmesappts.

If you have some good advice,you can post it after the passage,thanks.

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