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what I eat - a love letter your cat

need for a balanced diet includes proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals and water. Proteins responsible for energy, growth and repair of body. Fats provide an easy, pleasant flavor, concentrated source of energy production and contributes to the health of skin and fur. I drink large quantities of water (about one ounces for every book my body weight per day) and the freedom to besoinssitoaccess to water and even during the day.

A few rules for the correct way to feed me:

For a balanced diet and avoid eating exactly can I do in a variety of styles and flavors.

1st There are some things I can not do and must be for me. Read the labels on Katzenfutter.Ich do not want the food or additives with high commaire work. I suppose that means that the broccoli is your ... ENJOY!
2nd Check my food ... I promise you that I do. If the food is light and smooth, without skin, bones and meat decoloraned? I'm not like them and I ask you not to eat it.

If you allow commercial food most of my diet is about what you need to know. There are three types: dry, humid and semi-(wet), I love them all!

dry food (about 10% water), the Reinigung of the teeth and cost-efficient, but the lack of resources, water and fat? Content on a single food source.

semi moist foods (25% to 35% water) is no longer maintained frescohan dry, but it costs more, does nothing to clean? Teeth and usually contains chemical additives to a moist soil texture. With the help of chemicals, I would just like once in a whole and in small quantities.

preserves (about 75% water) and speicHerne, good taste and conformity of the majority of my natural food needs, but the cost is more in May, additives. Please give me a healthy diet with the combination of drought and food from the can, and I therefore the nutritional value of the individual.

For Miod amount of my size. I'm in the shape and the effort is not forcmenteSite about 40 calories per kilogram of body weight daily. I also know that the Vermgenswerte that pregnant women, infants and unneutered cats need more parallel with the obesity, inactive and older cats require less May. Approximately one? Peel 6 ounces dried and preserved Nr.urriture for each additional 5 kg usually answered my daily needs. Really fed at least twice a day, or if you know that you are not here to power entiempoNtare Let me ask you a little food for me and I'll leave the light to you.

You can use my commercial food cooked by the liver (liver I LOVE!), once or twice a week, and small amounts of cheese, milk, fruit, vegetables and fish. Of dried and preserved foods low fat (less than 5%) May need of vegetable oil or lard to add, but the limit in the amount of 1 c. Tea fat per day. Some adult cats will benefit (but not mandatory) und the owners of cats, which are often planted in a pot of cat bite discourage home. A balanced diet usually provides all the vitamins and minerals necessary for the consultation with my vet, a supplement to my diet, please.

The little kittens have special needs and require a high calorie, diet rich in proteins, it is in the small and often comvenues. You can free junior nutrition food des all day (I promise not to touch), or feeding by hand for a period five to six small meals. Many owners who free diet ensures that the cat eats enough and to avoid the trouble of food. Others are of the opinion that the rules on the diet to prevent overweight and you control over the diet of the cat. Older than junior reduces your caloric intake May be the same timing.

you cueat that I might be a little finiky, but changing what I eat, or if it is bad or sick. If you beklagent take care of me.

And always, always, always spectacular charetos discuss my eating habits to my doctor. I love you.

If you have some good advice,you can post it after the passage,thanks.

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