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How to insect repellent

For most people, b insectosites a minor annoyance. The area can inflate and itching for a while, and the restoration of the status later.

The poison of this slight reaction with the fliers and usually meets with the ear of a case, flies, cockroaches or drawing pins. In this situation, vinegar, ammonia or aqueous phenolated oil carbon to the simple and burn ointments. Other Insect bites can also trer Cleaning with alcohol, povidone-iodine or soap and water.

These relationships hoembargo minimum, can not the people who are against many diseases, insects, some of which were fatal. If it is your problem, you have a good option for the purchase of a dirty bug.

Vitamin B1 or Thiamin has long advocated. Rumors say that the isolation of a large amount of thiamine taken to Parliament abuse welding insects play an important role. To thism meaning dermatologists say you need 150 mg of thiamine is three to four times per day.

BONNE as it sounds, this formula does not work. U.S. Food and Drug Administration has stated that in 1960, thiamine is not effective as a bad mistake. In this experiment, the volunteers either 200 mg of thiamine per day and three antebRazos Female mosquitoes exposed to hunger. Engine: Each bit is wrong in the administration of thiamine.

With the election of an errorcheeky, research the effect of N, N-diethyl-meta-toluamide, or DEET point. This substance was synthesized in the 1950s and is very useful to test a larger group of traceability of the origin and parasites. Concentrations up to 95 percent of the U.S. troops used during the Vietnam War and those of producers in their DEET insect repellent since 1961.

DEET performance depends much as it is used. A product containing DEET is the valuefullest and mosquitoes out of the zone with more than six solid and flies over 4 1 / 2 hours. Tests by Consumer Reports also has a good performance showed that DEET against two of the universal and boring mosquito species - Aedes aegypti mosquito which causes fever or dandy fever-H, and Cpipiens ulux filariasis causes.

However, the protection, with a tax. Because DEET is absorbed into the bloodstream, the concentration of this chemical Extended May because of the impacts on the quality of life.

"The dramatic six girls under the age of nine urban toxic encephalopathy, an abscess of the reason, we can source confusion, seizures and losses. Three girls are dead. repousserior DEET has been much for most girls over weeks or months, and had a metabolic disorder, the daughter had the effect of DEET worse. Another victim was drained insect for only twice. Additional costs for the reportagee have renamed input into the five men - four children under eight years of age and adults - to the use of different concentrations of DEET repugnant, provides one or deuxandaloVSEI these days.

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