Friday, March 20, 2009

How Potty Train Your Dog - Word Association Method

It is Importante potty train your dog not of nature, at any time and place. If not, he will you a lot of problems and embarrassments. Is there an effective way to potty train your dog?

Du Mai think that it is difficult, the training of puppies and dogs over the age of their command in the bathroom. Most dogs can focus their attention on the repetition motsouverte, and are in a position that the words "do what you want.For example, if you say "toilet", if the dog is there even remembers his word.

The best way to potty train the dog to your combination of words. Can you give your dog the command involvement "in the bathroom, with the help of himself, that he has repeatedly over a longer period. If your dog relieves the inside, you puede asagte:" No, outside ", then your dog outdoors. For some time, your dog is with this command of something that shoulden you not to do in the house, peroexterior.

In most travel guides on the way to train your dog Pot "is mentioned that at all, they must be your dog while you do the training combination of words. Through repeated word command to your dog, the word is not in connection with derhat debt, and to learn to go outside the house.

One important thing we need to do is to bring your dog out and tell your Dog to go into the bathroom. You must leave the house until he did it with his company. Continue with this statement in "go to the toilet, which is up to his dog. Means you must employ your dog with something to try, has done an excellent job. The dog is this participation that you want to do it for you to receive treatment . After some time your dog will learn to pee, outside of the house you like.

You must determine on amten place for your dog to relieve himself, as the dog is a combination of these units with the commands "in the bathroom." Be very precise and very clear on his behalf, for your dog in the combination of words. Be always clear. Non pas to use different terms to the same thing that your dog and not to mingle.

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