Thursday, March 19, 2009

A real example to treat sensitive stomach


Can anyone enlighten me on why my baby is so sick i own a 4 month old siberian husky puppy and usually about 1 to2 days a week she seems to have an overly sensitive stomach she will vomit 5 to 6 times in a day when she is sick after that she is fine for 5 or 6 days but she also has a tendency to eat everything from loose change to crayons someone please help im afraid shes sick but all the info say this is normal and she has had her shots and been wormed 3 times

Answer one:

Now I dont want to scare you.....but,

Seriously, I would be taking her to the vet when she does eat something like this. One day she may ingest some poisons and that is not a very good idea. Maybe a stone and then you will have a blockage that will require surgery.

Another option is to treat your puppy like you would a baby crawling around. Pick up everything that has dropped on the floor or outside because puppies love to try anything and everything.

Answer two:

I agree. You have to puppyproof your home and put anything that can be ingested out of reach. If you have small children (crayons was the tip off) you should keep their little toys in closed containers. I had to replace all my waste baskets with ones that have lids because kleenex and other garbage became my dog's treasures. Provide appropriate toys and close supervision. If you can't be watching at all times then use a crate. My dog was the same as a pup and would even try to eat stones on a leash walk. "Drop it" and "Leave it" seem to have been the most used commands. This stage passes ( as did all of what my guy managed to chew... I always checked his BMs) but if you suspect your girl swallowed anything dangerous you should see a vet asp. If the vomiting is not associated with this problem look into the food you are giving her as she may have an allergy to it. The vet should also check that her esophogus is not enlarged or injured. Let us know how she's doing.

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