Friday, March 20, 2009

like a dog in a safe harbor to read!

A dog adopted dela apartment is important that any other dog. Their physical and psychological integrity is the same, and the ability to love, to live and to know are the same as the other dogs. However, there are factors that these dogs only.

First Apartment are available for most purebred dog show mixed dogs. More and more refugees are pure to the collection, mezclades breeds more frequently. In bestimmtenManche dogs, you can easily recognize the elements of the race. However, some races do not offer the possibility dehazarding case.

When mixed dog contains some drawbacks. Some are listed here:

? You can never predict how a mixed breed puppy fire, when he cultivated. You never know when you go too big, small, active, lethargic, reserved in the outgoing nature. Will he like a pasture or prefer?
? Since we only Gelegenheit, the pups and no information about his parents, has no knowledge of the history of medicine and emotional of the puppies. A Legacy illness of her mother? His father was a very aggressive dog? You never know!
? Refuge for dogs are often physical and emotional scars of his past. May you were abandoned in the past. May, they are the victims of violence violence in the past. May not be ready to trust in the people itself.

The Time is the best doctor. Over time, with a stable dose of love and affection must be sufficient that the dog, to his past noraumas. Mentioned disadvantages can be avoided by adopting an attitude of charity and the hearing of the animal.

You can at any time on the race of the rescat茅gorieeinen course that you want. However, the choice of a house is smarter and better decisions.

Correa serious voltage May have consequences in the dog's health

All owners of pets have a situation in which the dog remains in force belt. Most animals that the problem of excess strap Deiva to enforce that a minor annoyance for the front of the other. However, this is normal that dogs can have serious consequences.

A great dog is strong enough to get their own feet. Turning the belt can cause serious injury to the ownerr. However, the health of the dog is in danger. Tighten the belt, because the dogs are not at home with them.

If dog against the stem of the strap if the strap is designed for the inconvenience. You can not ignore. A study noted by Anders Hallgren behaviourist pointed out that 63% of the dogs on the size of the sample of 400 dogs have spinal injuries. Nine of the ten dogs, the Verviolations on canvas tense. Any person who repeatedly created tensions in the rope or by shooting a hard-neck because the strap. Moreover, the investigation revealed that 78% of the dogs were aggressive, the injuries of the spine.

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