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guidelines for the prevention of termites

Keep termites away from home, first of all, May is the best way to save money, but you always want at least annually to ensure that treatment is not in particular in the first place. But to ensure that the conditions for their survival too little sense.

initially not feed themselves. If you know or not, certain conditions and at the hour of current det the house, the termites, the QSource of food for the colony, and increasingly representantesroducing termite damage your house.

Keep the channels. Doused leaves provide moisture and food for the pests, and the sewers are in your house is easy. Clogged gutters can also contribute to problems of Holzfeuchtigkeitdurch soaking and recommendations on the roof.

A lot of wood and scrap metal from construction, signs on the left side to touch the ground oder fences without soil can be sources of food. UnLSO cardboard is one of the favorite food of termites and moisture on cardboard or a house can provide an ideal opportunity for termites.

The construction of a new bridge? Your concrete barriers, and adjust the use of wood in borate buffer under pressure. The USDA Forest Service issued a circular on lcomme subterranean termites with practical proposals for the construction.

The missionpants Mai also proposals for the prevention of infection by termites. Stucco facades or in the expansion near the surface of the earth a haven for termites, so they go unnoticed in a house.

termites love is the reason for the moisture to nourish the wood moisture. Make sure the air conditioner tank is at least quatrede inch of your home. Do not run near the house. Adsorption dryers of the house - which wasme air is full of moisture, dry clothes. Scrubber must pass away from home, too.
leaking check valves and the establishment of a priority. Flat roofs are a bad idea, that the moisture from the port and load the infestation.

was sprinkler play is fun for the kids, but make sure that the valve is turned off - or - Aprsjeux water stopped. Insulation around the pipes may not extend to the entire Weg home on the ground. After more than cold, the insulation must be removed, or at least a hole big enough to hold the owner to the termites.

to check the pipes in your house to ensure that the absence of leaks application delrneath house. Pools of water can change in the exploration of space is a fertile ground for termites - especially subterranean termites people on Earth.

Make sure that your access to dhouse as limited. Keep vines, flowers and storage conditions for vessels operating outside of the house. One way, if the garden is in the vicinity of them. Termites feed on their roots, leaves and moisture and termites, the shade they want. In addition, you will not be able to see the pipes made of clay, which trminoitesne creep into your house.

find your home for the spots, holes and other signs of infestation. Wings on your window, especially in Inside is a sign that you need after they have checked, your house, not only the hope that the problem disappears.

Look on the basis of your home and consider whether the cracks in the concrete. These are excellent places for the termites in your house, because they are so small. The cracks are versiegeltdie opportunity to make a putty rain, which of these are not cracks.

Keep all scrap wood outside his house.A pile of wood in a home is a haven for termites and their love to live and to see the entire piece of wood on which it is erected.

When it rains, they are hardly termites because the wood is much easier to eat. If the wood is near her apartment, may be tempted voustionsHolz them in his house for a change in rhythm.

Guttcion sure that all hoses descent of rain on the run away from home. They do not want to, becausess the water to home and the wood is too moist.

All wood that is touching the ground and his house is a threat. Deletion of all forests of the earth in contact with the structure, including wood, near the body, grille, bushes, or industry of the trees to the house.

Keep the place to set up or the batteries of your home free wood, a piece of wood or unescalera support against the house can be an entry for termites.

not build bridges to the termites. To ensure that the gardens are not new treaty on hilly terrain to the sides of the foundation or discarded. Avoid using mulch in the gardens near home. Mulch is seulementmorceaux wood is wet, it's a buffet for termites.

And believe it or not, the fire under the open sky with white bulbs May attract night spin termites, especially in spring. Experiments, ie theReplacing light bulbs blancoh yellow or light yellow.

If you have some good advice,you can post it after the passage,thanks.

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