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characteristics of the various Hundebruten

Grande has decided to adopt a dog as a pet. Now we know what breeds are available and what kind of personality he has. This helps you make a wise decision to choose the breed of the dog responsible for your house and your life.

Brussels Griffon

These small dogs are lovable and is located in two varieties, rough and smooth. These varieties parros Vaterin normally eight to twelve books. Some of the that time, Ino is quite difficult to adapt to the new house. You are currently bullish. The good brush in Brussels, you need a sign, once in a week, and the needs of about brushing twice a week. They are usually warm, playful and Jolly. Sometimes they are against the foreign, and with older children. They have been living for twelve years on average.

FVersicherungen Bulldogs

This dog is ideal for people who are at home and small dwellingsThey can play and dance around your house. This dog loves a good sign, and the love of his family. Not at home during hot weather, please watch out when it is warm outside, they are inside. On average, the French bulldog in the life of twelve years.

Australia Terriers

The race Terriers Imstralia is very strong and lots of exercise.You are responsible for a house with a beautiful courtyard with a conclusion. It is a good Fettsuren, for use as guard dogs. Brush Less, less than one. I like in the family.

Miniature Schnauzer

These dogs are really small, twelve to four ten inches high. They come in various colors and in black, silver, salt and pnance. They are ideal for a Wohnungund a house. They are very happy, as long as they are with the family and friends. This breed is intelligent, friendly and likes to play with children and friends. Zwergschnauzer needs cleaning and cutting each month.

Italian Greyhound

If you choose this breed. The Italian Greyhound needs a little space and little room at home in your house. This dog is danstrs dynamic colors. They have little hair and a cardigan, as if they were in a cold climate. They are not aggressive, but its owner knows that there is something odd in the apartment. They live largoperodo time than fourteen years.

PuToy del

This breed is ideal for small houses, but he is happy when the owner around.

have toilets once a week. Poodle playing with toys and s'amuse. Poodles are intelligent and easily trained peuvent. They may not only at home or wherever you go. They may by their owners and children.

If you have some good advice,you can post it after the passage,thanks.

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