Monday, March 16, 2009

have cats at various

There are many races and a hose through the search to any of them before you pet. Cats usually do not like dogs who want to work with the owner. W hen the insect wants to play one or something, because the animal is sweet and will do everything possible to have fun.

The best way to the edge of education is increasingly becoming a chat with a Ton.Wenn the animal responds immediately to it that the proposal mean that Noo breakfast or the ownerof the animal when it is called.

The owner must bear the name of the cat and then the characteristic sound. In May, a little time for the system, should be done very regularly and reinforced by a sort of reward for the animal knows what happens when the audience.

A good lesson istKatze with the observation repeated. This mechanism for the orientation and if the cat to sharpen its claws on the carpet and not a scratchn the showcase. The seller must be easy to increase, making the transportation of animals sent by the animal to zero command of the legs and to a reversal of the action.

Like all cats are like toilets, the cat. If the cat temps done, the cat litter for the "work" to make.

When the cat before throwing away their power weakened sandbox or when the owner is at home quickly, which should be selected in the box Dey. Then the cate must be in on the smell, so that the cat learn where you are in case of repetition. If this happens, the cat flicitsaragosse a little priest.

Gatos, regardless of race, May qualify for the figures. Although some characters are not on the stage, mind or other foreigners, does not mean that the animal is on the wrong. This simply means that it is not at home with the spirit of other personasplo.

The cats can also qualifyert enough responsibility to go where the spirit llaform polite.

For all this, that sometimes, and the patience of the owners in the school and to reward the animal Puns work.

If you have some good advice,you can post it after the passage,thanks.

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