Tuesday, April 14, 2009

care Vorpommern

Pom is a little dog with a great personality! This creature has a plush small wedge-shaped head and looks like a small fox. With his clear eyes, it seems that it  Launent is always good and ready to please. It is dansTelligent and lernfreudig, but a hand, or can this small favorite yippy and demanding.

Besides all this, and ginned mignardise but will maintain some requirements. Although it is not too demanding, Pomerania requires daily attention, you can use it as an excuse to continue with your pet!


It is important that your pet is good  Dental. Pomeranian with tooth loss and bacteria accumulate. If the bacterium is allowed to execute is not enabled, this can cause problems with your pet's entire health. Fortunately, the maintenance of good dental health, it's easy! It's enough to buy toothpaste, against enzymatic bacteria (your veterinarian may recommend a good brand) and a small toothbrush (I'm the one who performs a loop, based on mys finger). Try cleaning the teeth daily dogs. Ask your veterinarian, a dental examination once per year and the extension, if necessary.


Pomeranian picture of your day is a good opportunity to establish contacts with your pet as well as to ensure his coat is good and beautiful. A double Kouche poms that are easily dulled to brushing is required. C Once a week or every two weeks in Bath  C is a wonderful opportunity to smell and your Pom on the lookout for good! Do not forget towels around the legs and the tail region and the clip nails.


Like most small dogs, poms constructiondup able to meet their eyes and a lumpy mess. This enrichment can staining fur, and although I never said nothing Pom, I'm sure it's unpleasant. To waste, enough to the netAPPROPRIATIONS eyes every day with a Q-tip. Be sure that you're not too close to the eye that you do not accidentally POKE with your pet in the eye!

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