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The Dog Breeding Cycle Heat

Assuming you have, often as a "front of the powerful father or pute (there is always the one who producess puppy very similar to themselves) you have a good chance for puppies, and the features I want , dass you expect. If you are in this situation with your dog, you are then up to his dog on the cycle of reproduction of warmth. These animals are of course have a "good linebred tree", and the technique is that which so pure that the animal is - Homozygous - for the greatest possible number of features that you / the coach considers it desirable.

The first character of a woman (also known as Dam) coming "season" is often a swelling of the vulva. These Schwellung can one weeks bvant bleeding or the day before. Other signs of heat are the changes in behavior, in the Dam in early May to shock or other small dams, or even your leg. She has also with the May lick her a lot of autonomy.

for this brand and the calendar. That helps, but no guarantee, you have a good head for the next time Mark the first day the swelling on day 1 First Day blutrot if you are not present.

There is this boy interested in dogs. We only have to look to the blood and swelling of the vulva, and you'll be able to tell if a female is in heat.

Even if it is not a rule that in any case, most women are in the first round in the heat around the age of six months, obwohlIch had to wait so long that one and a half year. In general, the women are in a fairly regular schedule  Posting in the season every six months, but as I said, the rules are to break and it may change a little. Some dogs are in heat, at once, while others are still in May, usually every four months, but often is the "extra", the seasons are not always fruitful. Breeder advisers generally Once a woman of his first season, you should use their data through the seasons, to know what their natural cycle to be.

It is evenunderstandable that the women can be high if it is converted into heat. To help you decide the time is to proliferate with his let's go thorugh the sequence. First she gets inflated vulva ( "City") and bleeding from the blood, no matter where in the Milky color red. It has also urinate more often in May and men are attracted to them.

The heat can be said, have begun, and an average duration of 3 weeks, and developed sich as follows. About a week after being in the heat (one step lasts 1-17 days) and for a week in the heat (this stage lasts 3-21 days), you should know the man (Stud) around. However, since the length of the heat is so variable in Stud Dogs should be from the first day, just to be sure not to miss the right time.

If there is a possibility, pute, and is not pregnant, it will be back in heat about 6 months later. If they are not fertilized, it will weakenanger from 58-66 days after the time they were together.

You must not reproduce with your dog, if they are less than 9 months, preferably 1 year.

If you mate your dog to be sure that your wife physiquement and mentally to be ready for reproduction. The very fact of his being in the heat is not sufficient to make a selection. A general rule is to reproduce, to a woman on the 2nd Heat or 15 months, but many say heatingzen before another, and this may vary depending on breed and individual. We recommend that you call your breeder of race and / or your veterinarian on this issue.

The male is sexually mature in about six moiss age. If both testicles are gone, in theory, the dog can be integrated, but it is better to wait until the dog is nine to twelve months prior to the reproduction. This should allow the dog to its full maturity and a strong seasonal reproductionung could stunt growth.

In the current context of urban development, where most men are restricted to certain territory and the women are usually desexed, the dog has less opportunity to be integrated today that they have not done in nature. Some believe that the causes of this behavior changes in many male dogs. Undersexed male dogs, the argument goes, are more likely to bite, with other dogs, chasing cars, the Enterschiede for sexual exposure (such as constituency legs). In fact, this theory is hard to detect, or more accurately or not.

impression of a dog can be a very happy. It is very important to remember that dog breeding is a lot of dedication, patience and responsibility with a lot of knowledge about reproduction and the dog neg cycle. You must also remember that the breeding of dogs is a costly affair. As a qualified dog breeder,  dog breeding beginner have extensive knowledge about their chosen race. Most breeders are very loyal to their dogs and their dogs, well-being is their main concern. But too often, people are willing to protect the health and welfare of their dog on the grounds of a profit. Do not forget also that you will be able to your pups for sale, than the May not everything in the current economic situation.

professional breedershis dogs to s'accoupler for a particular purpose, the creation of puppies for sale in May and at other times for a pure line. These breeders have access to documents which contain a number of dogs and they are also the difficulties in propagating the breed of dogs they touch. Our path is here, if you plan to race for the first time, you really need to get expert tips from other breeders in your Dam and Stud plantAuf you go to use before.

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