Monday, April 13, 2009

lack of zinc can lead to skin diseases in north-breeds

Huskies and Malamute are two breeds of dogs robust, designed for extremely cold and work in the inhospitable environment of the areas and Bedinguts. Cette Wonderful dogs, but in good health and Hardy can be a major health problem and is unable to absorb and use of zinc in the diet. Some breeds giants like Deutsche Dogue may also have inherited problems in the home of zinc, which in the long term zinc deficiencies that are not typical feeding routines.
lack of zinc may also in dogs that are not fed enough meat in the diet of foodentation, or a vegetarian diet berceaund. In certain types of food, the price of zinc in the form Maigebunden unnecessary and the dog is the same as those who have no food at all. Each dog fed a diet low in meat or food of poor quality can be a lack of zinc, but these problems can be solved by adjusting the diet and supplements for a short period of time.
Zinc is a mineral naturel that the body besoinht to function. In good quality food zinc dog is based on the recommended dose by the flow control officials and is calculated by dividing the nutritional needs of the average dog. Some breeds have more problems during the recording of zinc from food, even if the height and shape. These breeds are complementary zinc supplementation throughout life  avoid developt signs of lack of zinc.
lack of zinc is attracted by a number of physical symptoms. If the lack of zinc, it may be pronounced in open wounds and injuries to the MOUTH and eyes, and one aspect croustillant painful wounds between the pads of the feet. Besides the ground-foot crack and bleed, which is very dangerous, especially in the northern races. The skin is thick and very skály and will soon laChien  lose some, if not all her hair. Increasing the possibility of hair loss, bacterial infections of the skin most likely resulting in further complications. Injuries do not heal, and the dog wants to lose weight and belief and lethargic. Men lose their desire to multiply and women is not in heat. If the condition is not met, if the puppies are born pregnant, often with serious mental and physicaldisorders can and still-born.
switching foods, a diet of meat and adding zinc oxide or zinc sulfate on increases of 10 mg per 25 kg body weight is often by veterinarians. In some dogs, treatment may be requested for food werdenbis changed, but in dogs problems with absorption of zinc supplements should be the dog's life. The results of the addition of adding or modification the food, most quickly, if Bedingung start of treatment, but almost all signs of lack, except for the scars can be reversed, with supplement.

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