Tuesday, April 14, 2009

probiotics for cats and dogs

bacteria, the average ITSA cruel world. More cats and dogs are drugs like never before. Why? The short answer is domestication.

breeding of dogs and cats to acceptieren, living with humans is not the problem, their diet to tame! To find out what the problem with the internal power supply for us on the wild species.

Wild Relatives Diet

The wild relatives of this article refers to these days are not the cats and dogs, whose health is endangered by the effects of pollution from industry, his tribute to the game they hunt, they eat the grass and water they  drink. Many wild animals have little to eat, as waste, and drinking the stagnationl'eau, presumably for the toxic and pathogenic bacteria.

before dogs and cats have the bulk of their time hunting in order to feed itself. Your meals from the cost to kill them. They breathed the air is not polluted, they drank water without chemicals, and received a lot of exercise.

wild dog and cats instinctively know that digestive aids are a good airing und their food to digest. When they are a grass carp (grass eaters), they first eat their stomach and intestines, the digestive enzymes, the Greens and the soils on the basis of bacteria (SBOs) for good digestion.

If death is not a plant eater, the instinct, they tear the herbs to the ground on the basis of organizations around the roots, it is a good digestion. If you do your pets, to this end, today you have several thingsr!

According to the Royal Society of Medicine in the UK, fully 90% of all causes of chronic diseases este by poor health (gastro) intestinal!

The first signs that the balance in the gastrointestinal tract was compared with a loss of appetite, FTC gas, halitosis, body odor, soft stools, diarrhea, IBS, Crohn disease and constipation!

pending the intestinal wall is inflamed. The inflammation leads to a Vielzahl of immunological disorders.

The New Age care veterinarians, holistic!

In the veterinary medical education for semblentprogrammé prescribe medicines such as antibiotics for gastrointestinal complaints (and to you, ir food and water for 24-48 hours) and prednisone for the inflammation. It is a case in which the treatment plan needs a cure! Holistic veterinary checks on animals intended for restoration of the natural Immunabwehr. They administer medications sparingly in the final!

So, what should you not be granted if the prescription of antibiotics and anti-inflammatory drugs?

probiotics? Well, exactly!

The almost infallible, when people have no awareness of the probiotics, they think that yogurt. Yogurt for the industry has done an excellent job of marketing, but the commercial cultivation of yoghurt made from pasteurized milk, milk or soy. Dem date on which they consume very few stem cells probiotics sustainable. Even fewer are able to survive in stomach acid, and even fewer that dogs and chats.

Many pets are allergic to dairy products. So, if there is no yoghurt, What then?

SBOs: The 21st Century Probiotic Supplement

Remember that your pets, the wild species eat organic grass and full of the microflora of soil and soil at the baseage of (SBOs) to supplement their diet?

The veterinary authorities began to administer antibiotics rather SBOs. Why? SBOs scientifically proven to routine gastro-intestinal disorders, quickly, naturally in food or water! Above all, they have no side effects and a maidministered in multiple doses.

With SBOs in your daily diet of the animals has long been the benefits.

Today SBOs be cultivated in the laboratory under controlledTerms. SBOs verVerfügung without a prescription.

Keys to restore or maintain optimal health

Commercial feed for pets, is exactly the opposite of your dog or cat a natural diet. Regardless of what the labels say, they are lacking in the diet of your animal need. Are as fast-food is that the empty calories for your pets.

the disease is essentially determined by the expOSITION during the time that each generation regressively always lower. Generations of the exhibition in feed for pets chlorine of drinking water and the complete absence of stomach and intestine have a serious animal genetics. Many today are born unhealthy, and predisposed to live with chronic illnesses and diseases.

It is not unusual for pets to be on a variety of medicines at any given time. And for the first sin foutd we are the transmission of disease to another!

Heres little-known secret, no matter how much money you spend to protect your cat or your dog diets, supplements, water and air, unless you are also the reconstruction of their daily needs of the gut microflora ( SBOs), your efforts are largely in vain!

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