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information about a ferret

Ferrets, often considered one of the few who have pets. Most people are attracted to dogs, cats, birds, fish, or supplementing their family, but a small number immerrnent to ferret out of his  social environment, playful, curious qualities. Ferrets like joueret to explore, not only with the other and the owners, but also on their own initiative. For this reason you need to know a number of things, such as a ferret.

First, the evidence for your ferret at home before you as pets. They crawl into the walls, furniture, and wherever they can from her small body. It is much like child-proofing a house for a baby. You want to ensure that all risks are eliminated when you allow the reading out of their cage.

The ferret is biters. Kits, baby ferrets tend to bite more. You can eliminate the problem or alleviate some handles. It is a sign of their behavior as a fantasy or the fight against the sparring. The icheinige ferrets tend to bite if they are more teeth and is not bad. For this reason, you verwalten want ferret or ferrets as often as possible to help the bite behavior. Often those who do not have the time nor the patience to finish their ferrets can the animal in his cage and has a short lifespan. Please make sure you have at the level of training a ferret before introduction into your domicile. Trained, they can also be a great pet, cats or dogs.

A ferret in the life expectancy is generally six  to ten years, but the care and nutrition can cause a bit more life. Ferrets are carnivores, they require a diet rich in proteins. Most choose their diet ferrets from mice, rats, rabbits and other raw meats such as chicken. Shopszu other types of ferret food that many owners decide to live in the food. Read the label will tell you whether the right diet rich in proteins. The mosts cat food can be used, for example, because it is rich in protein and fat for growing cats.

When the game is an important part of life, if your ferret sleep. The ferret is usually between four ten to eighteen hours per day to sleep. Part sleep rejuvenate their active set of life that they have. They love to explore and play with toys. Many shops for toys for pets ferret, or you want something  around the house that your ferret is seductive.

The cage is important. Ferrets are generally very intelligent, so you have a cage, they könnenr a lot of air, but rather small bars, they can not escape. You will also need to clean the cage once or twice a week after the number of ferrets you have, such as dirty air of the cage. They are also the buildings, so that certainestype bedding is required.

The ferrets are small Kugeln furs that like to play and interact with people and the others. While there are some concessions to make, you need to have a ferret, which are capable of. A good training kit gives you even more joy when they adulthood.

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