Wednesday, April 15, 2009

the various possibilities Groom Your Cat

No cat wants to get dirty, and it is up to you to ensure that your cat remains. Maintenance is very important because it's your cat stays clean and healthy. Grooming starts with the brosWeise, as the cleaning helps the hair is cats hair balls. Brush away the loose hairs and help the risk of hair balls. Many cats have difficulties to oust hair balls. If the cat is not in a position, one of the hair balls, could lead to a blockage of the intestines. The hurdles are very difficult, and can quickly become a threat to the life of your pet.

The cats, which are dielange hair brushes and combs on a daily basis, while  the cats with short hair should be considered on a weekly basis. If you brush your cat, always monitor the pieces in the fur and skin irritations. You must be familiar with the image along the back of the cat, over the head of the serpent. Do it several times on the one hand, and go to the other. Each area must be brushed several times in Richtungman how the hair of your cat is a growth market.

If you brush your cat, you should avoid  the cleaning of the face and on the legs. If a cat may not be brushed, you can also groom is another tool. The toilettagegant is an excellent alternative to the brush, as most cats do not mind at all. Departure of young people is the key to the toilet, because it is your cat from the brush and care. Diesenrtains cats, which have started to clean when they were kittens grow to love, which are often too hasty to maintain their time.

When the brush your cat, make sure his ears, eyes, teeth and claws. His eyes are bright and clear, with nothing in the corners. The ears should be clean, pink, and no signs of ear mites. Ear result of dust mites in the ear voneine cats, and may in the ears shriveling your cat and his audience to lose. Ear mites are very annoying for the cat, and difficult for you as the owner get rid of. The best way to get from them --  is to ensure that your cat's ears stay clean and healthy.

Every time your cat to maintain, you should always try to go a step further with your studies. If your cat persists, you should always congratulate him and a treatment. If your cat does not cooperate and starts to beat, we must not fight with him, but to let go and try the next day. Once your cat is accustomed to in the toilet wasing forward to it every day.

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