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History of the Domestic Cat

Archaeologists have discovered that the ancestors of the cats for 200 million years ago. The ancestors of the cat are a group of consumption of meat from animals that the tiger, panther, leopard, lion and cheetah, alle this êtrement hunters. Those animals that are in the "Felius catus family. They have extraordinary senses, including hearing, the sight and smell, which up to 10 times better than the human senses. The scientists estimate that the domestic cat, which we know today were about 2 million years ago.

Nobody knows exactly, but most people believe that the Egyptians were the Premier to domesticate wild cat in around 3500bc. The cats are not tamet only animals, but they were protecting CEMS gainery and more are provided by the pests, including mice, rats, cockroaches and snakes and other animals that are pests their grains. Some 2000 years later, domestic cats are considered sacred and were revered by the people from Egypt. Laws were against cats and hurt wieein, which was not executed. At a time when they are about the kingdom and the Pharaoh. If a cat died the family, he belongs to shave their AugenbrAuen, a symbolism of the person in their grief. The family then makes a sacred ceremony, where the cat was mummified and placed in a temple or a grave. There were eventually more cat mummies than people around the mummies in Egypt, archaeologists found 000 grave with mehr250 mummified cats.

The cats were honored in the paintings, sculptures and sacred texts in the temples, tombs and pyramids, which the people from Egypt. Many class Egyptians Katzen, but the poor could not afford one, but whether they have unferme or grainy, it would be to protect their crops and grains.

Because many cats are hunters His people wanted to kill parasites in their homeland. The Egyptian Law has said that it is strictly prohibited the export of cats in neighboring countries. Historians believe that the illegal dealers, the cat tamed to countries like the Middle East and Europe. Gradually, the people wants cat in the household and in their local community. Domestic cats in Asia, and possibly almost everywhere people live. Sometime during the Middle Ages, people were suspicious that the cats were in witchcraft and the devil. For this reason, people have started to kill cats from all over Europe every person in possession of a cat was thought to prevent the practice of witchcraft and was killed. There were no cats to kill mice, rats and other pestse, they began to move more people are very sick and died from diseases that have Dassler. Approximately one quarter of the population of Europe is so dead. Persons possibly their minds, the cat is popular, and the people once again adopted cats in their household.

Today, cats are the second most popular pet, with dogs one. Today, 1 / 5 of households have a cat. They are popular because they are one of the animals that are easy to maintain and because of their loyalty, affection and playful. There are many different breeds now, but there are the 36 most pure breeds.

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