Monday, April 13, 2009

work with the Belgian Malinois

Belgian Malinois is intelligent, energetic dog. As such, it requires great patience from his Lord, how long the training and retention time. The Belgian Malinois is Het,  to sit on the couch wi-res. Instead, he wants something exciting, and he likes to have a job. Work, the Belgian Malinois not only happy and healthy, but the maintenance of behavioral change to low excess energy and boredom. Belgian Malinois
classified as a working language of dogs and dog Herding the American Kennel Club (AKC). The AKC insists that the dog must be an animal, how it travaillen, promotion sa life. Plus, many of her characteristics and temperament eineAspekte to be multiplied literally a dog.
The Belgian Malinois is a large Herder was grown because it has a Belgian shepherd dog. The dog has been grown for animal Herding sheep, herding instincts are also quite high. It is very close, giving it a large Herder, because it permanently from his environment and his flock Bitu.
In addition to being a shepherd, belge Malinois also more practical and modern use as a working language of dogs. His attention, he is an excellent dog for protection, and is, in general, be used for this purpose. It is to react quickly in stressful situations, situations and is a good device for reliable protection. His loyalty to his master is also a good guard dog. It can be used for personal purposes or the protection of  family, and it is the protection of children, he knows well and with.
The Belgian Malinois has a great ability to search and rescue, because it has a very good nose. This race is today not only as a police dog, but like a dog, who works mainly in situations where it is for illegal substances or injured.
As a police dog, Belgian Malinois is airports, train stations, subway stations and bus stops, for drugsillegal and bombs. Dogs are a great asset to the National Security Administration of the property for this article in overcrowded, noisy environment.
the dog is auchin regular police work, such as drug trafficking and busts and DEA, ATF raids. Dogs are smell of illegal substances themselves and the warning of the presence of their master. Dogs are also measures to protect police officers of their master, and anothere line of defense of the police.

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