Monday, April 13, 2009

with the Welsh Pony

work, riding or training Welsh Pony is really a wonderful experience. Whatever the type of pony and Welsh Cob Welsh Pony type work with excellent temperament is an exampleof intelligenceuarbeiten and learn that what many regarded as a kind of humor. These ponies can be a little sassy and independent and may be the best, if controlled and consistent training. Welsh ponies are never to be lessons to any type of punishment or negative training, how it will react very positively, and training opportunities. The Welsh pony is really fun, with people and do what the driver or Mngtionnaire. While enjoying a carrot or a bit of treatment, debt horses also respond to many, a word of praise and gentle pat for work.
handling Welsh pony foals should as soon as possible so that foals to understand and become familiar with the people. These ponies are very well, although handling foals already, including pedicures and care routine is all that is necessary. If the foal is weaned Welsh, its are often very hard to bond with family members and dog peutprès as the love of human attention. The Welsh pony is docile or slowly. They are very energetic and active, which is jumping ponies, riding ponies show the joy of horses and ponies used. You are experienced, ready to do anything to a driver confidence and this in association with the sport of their great ability makes him a perfect pony competition in almost any type of eventfestation horse.
the formation of the Welsh Pony kann be done as soon as the pony is physically ready, usually on the mark this time, two Welsh ponies are Jahren.Zu driving lessons or pony, or riding ponies even both. The Welsh pony and the horse and storage ideal for cattle and sheep Herding centuries. Training should be a bit of a challenge, as always very intelligent breed of horse pony. The Welsh pony maybored with the same routine and get the Spijusqu'à this training is difficult for drivers. Consider some arbeitetKönig joy of riding or driving another subject, for the differences in training. Many Welsh ponies good basic dressage horse dressage and training assistance in the discipline, bonding conductors, and the pony and the ability of the horse and rider.
Finally, the Welsh Pony must be regulatedière and routine maintenance and attention. While, by nature, a strong race and Hardy should be checked regularly for health, have feet and routine worming, vaccinations and an annual review of the training. Through Welsh pony and an exercise routine and the pony is rationed live long and healthy lives.

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