Saturday, April 18, 2009

The language speaks of your dog

Stop and listen to your pets, the tone of the voice and experience will tell you what you said.

If you click on some of my previous articles, you know, we have littermate Zwergschnauzer. Sister, Steffi, which started in black, but it is now morphing into black and silver and his brother, Stanley, a race final Salt & Pepper.

It is the Alpha Dog.

Stanley was originally Alpha until they were almost eight months. Then Steffi had enough of his Haßlinger and beat on him. The second time they beat the message received. There is a man who really is nothing to surf, the location of the nation, if they nichthatte many difficulties in the preparation of the new hierarchy.

We went through it between the two small and they each have a different message. Also, the brothers and sisters who speak another language.

If puppies, which they complained, whimpered and whistles. If he wanted something for himself, he complained. When he believed that the world of dumping him and whimpered, it makes us feel sad for him. Although we have only sehr little and let you know, the guilt trip would not be stolen.

Whistling Stanley was most interesting. Stanley utiliséson whistle for us to say that he or fear that something will happen. Like a dog, if he's really confused and anxious, panic and it pipes in the console itself, and we will notify at the same time.

As an adult, it whistles, groans, and not infrequently complain. Sometimes barking, but it is Omega Dog is generally acceptedt, that the tone is the prerogative of Steffi.

I do not know if this applies to all women, but I've never heard Steffi whistle, at least not Steffi. It has little noise until they read Stanley pearls. Now, the barking, and if they think they need a change of scenery, she groans ... What is a mixture of vinegar and shriek.

Steffi voice is completely different, much deeper and more if he command of the Alpha. Steffi has ane strange control and sound when they press the "Stanley notes back soon reach.

If Steffi is in our forehead Louvre, to the community, it is for us to protect squirrels. I warned orally about their frantic barking, is the author of this (for the best word) "specified. It sounds a bit of a robbery Coms bird with a bone in the throat, or perhaps a cock, trying to gargle and swallow the water at the same time.

We've never not barking, but it is a struggle for the control. The presence of two squirrels on the lawn opposite is unbearable, and so the two must be warned in this case.

Steffi, alpha is always the stand-alone at home when they were in the courtyard. Stanley does not mind sitting and patiently waiting for them ... it seems easy for him.

I am yet to understand when he deceived, and it is true that all hisDog or whether it was really about this issue. He has his coach, he has only rarely. It turns out everything in his mouth, if it proxies, they never ... we have to wait ... and looking.

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