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The Kodiak Bear

early May on the island of Kodiak. Fog drowns the lush forest in mystery. Injected in a land of black earth, melting the snow in the shadow of the rings Slushy. For the wood, scrubby brown head appears.Unbelievable on the size of the creature emerges slowly. Ursus arctos middendorffi, Alaska Kodiak Bear, watched the long winter nap. You are not alone. Nestled in the vicinity of his legs to sit in front of massive two boys on the size of the Teddy Bear. Together, they weigh twenty books, and are hardly noticeable compared to his mother, 500 pounds. Although broad, the oxygen is thin, because he lost 30% of its weight in the winter. Birth, care and ineffective care  for his young adopted its devastating consequences, and now is the time to eat. A untemps, it's small in the pine and the camp will be vehicles on the forest floor.

Kodiak Iceland is sometimes referred to as Alaska Emerald Isle. In the knobby mountains, countless waterfalls, finger lakes Small, narrow inlets and deep, it could be called Neverland, for it is the place of imagination. After Hawaii is the second largest island derUSA, 3800 square miles on the main National Wildlife Refuge. Salmon with 117 water, 14 large eauhangars, and less than 100 miles by car is the ideal place for Kodiak bears.

Kodiak bears have on this island of 12,000 years. Thanks to its workflow-lining and the big nose structurethey most bones are the only scientifically accepted bearKodiaks sub-species of brown bears. As they separated from the mainland, have a higher Kodiak small gene pool. But this is not the only Enterschied. Other bears, grizzly bears and brown, have one or two hundred miles for the survival, take their food. Here on the island of Kodiak, where food is available, the bear population is denser than anywhere else in the world. There are bears of 0.7 square mile, a total population of around 3000 on Kodiak archipelago and the surrounding area. Because of their proximity, the Bruins have a grand difference in the social structure, with large boars and sows with the Bears struggling to Herrscdefective. Single subadult, aged 3 a.m. to 5 p.m. years to bottom levels of the hierarchy.

For the reason, the interest and the hearts of many. Bear Observer, a distance, sometimes they are gentle creatures expression. Boars standing ten meters high and weighs 750 to 1500 pounds. (Women are much kleinere350-750 pounds). They live fascinating life and unique and are not predictable, as the people. Weighs less than a book, hair, blind and Ohns teeth, little in life as much like human babies. One to three boys were born, and in any amount that the sows were determined with a maximum of five small. The size depends heavily on the health of the mother and the availability of food. At the end of their first year of life bears weigh up to 80 books. For two to four year old to remain with their mother to teach her to survive before they are to hunt.

No expertise is important für Kodiak to eat, and this takes most of his hours standby. Although as a meat eater, the bears are omnivorous, eating grass and berries all fish and carrion. Eating habits to maximize nutritional content. From their caves, from March, the bears eat grass and sedge in the spring, when they grow abundantly. They enjoy, if the fish salmon begins in the summer. These months are crucial, as the Bears need to earn from three to six pounds of fat pro day to survive hibernation. It is time for a glimpse of the bear in nature, since they compete with the best fishing spots along a stream. How to offer reduced salmon, bears, with the small fruit, which in its peak in autumn approach. If the supply of food was not enough, a bear does not hibernate May.

After about five or six years, the women begin Kodiak stockbreeding. The Bears are serially monogamous, gamechweine and sometimes more than a fight mate, which sometimes lead to serious injury. Coupling season peaks in June that the implantation of embryos is not done until the sow is characterized defined November. Only when she won the weight for hibernation is implantation of the embryo and begin eight weeks gestation.

In response to the food shortages in winter, bears hibernate during the winter months. During this time, they are not  eating, urination or bowel emptying. Oddly, they lose very little bone or muscles. But hibernation the bears are not unconscious. Obwohlihre body temperature drop near the room temperature, metabolic door will remain high. They graze on the heat in May and the change of their positions in their caves. Occasion itself attacking May, although very rare. Only one person was killed by a Kodiak bear in the past 75 years. Bear-caused injuries occur about every two years on the island.

Even if the largest predator on earth, oderrs normally shy and not aggressive towards people or causes, unless afraid. They jumped to the top of the food chain, the only natural enemy of the people is Kodiak. The hunt on the island of Kodiak is only permissible under the stricter rules. Over 5000 inhabitants of hunters annually to one of the 319 tosupport. Non-residents are required to provide leadership, an expenditure of $ 10K-$ 15K of Z.asse. 160 Kodiak bears are killed each year with 70% of them men. Otherwise, the Kodiak Bears are fairly long lifespan from 20 to 30 years.

It is not rare to hear a bear that observers of her career, as if they were family. This May, a small outdoorsmen sow and for years, and in May, including its name. Some consider the door of our cousins, and zweifellos, there is a kinship. Maybe we started our first hurriedly Teddy Bear.

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