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The four golden rules Parrot Training - What to do in order to avoid

training a parrot at first as a challenging task. May you do not know where or how. May you be even a bit afraid of the bird. Lasss You do not worry, it's normal to feel intimiderd or exceeded. This is actually a very simple, as the four golden rules.

a relationship of trust. Trust is absolutely necessary for the training of parrots. It takes time to build a relationship of trust, but the effort is really worth. Spend time with your parrot every day, and the house of the cage into a position that you and your family Häufigeente. When you enter yourrem home of birds, not to try things. The change is very uncomfortable for the parrots, and it is important that you take him time to adjust to his new surroundings before they tried to remove the cage. Be patient and take things slowly until your parrot teaches that you are in security and development is conveniently located on your finger from.

With the expansion positif. Never Never physically punish your parrot, raise your voice to her or her cage bang. Thisrelationship of trust is that you will be built directly into the window the first time that you are afraid of the bird, and thou shalt return to the starting line. The rebuilding of trust have lost even more difficult when the bird is now afraid of you, not just nervous to a new person. Instead, with the Renforcement positive. The birds respond well to praise and treats. Praise lavishly when they should do something, and use food as a reward.

Be. ParRots learning through repetition. It is important if the teaching of a bird new tricks, the same actions are repeated constantly. If your bird to speak in a low, the soothing tone of voice, to sound the same you always are. If you have a certain routine in the courses that you are the things in the same way to develop. In the formation of a bird to talk, continue to repeat the same words in the same way. Sinceby you will keep your parrot motivated to follow, and give them the opportunity to learn, a lot faster. Consider it if you are learning a foreign language, you can gather with just one lesson? Certainly not. The same concept applies also to speak for the training of parrots.

Do not Give Up! Above all, the doctrine does not! It is a long process, but it is very satisfying. By making things slowly and show patience and determination, you can  Your feathered friend to a lot and have a very large vocabulary.

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