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The dietary habits of the spider

Spiders can love their food and a little fabric is not desired, because the taste. Unlike humans, however, obtained their food with spiders ihrenTarsalgelenkes with chimiosensible hair. So if you want the spiders shows some spiders do not eat some bugs and ticks. Different types of spiders have different dreams, what good to eat and what not. For example, many spiders do not eat at home woodlice spider species Tegenaria in the will.

However, there are groups of spiders and spiders, especially the victims Objects specializes po Parmi these spiders in the way Dysdera specializes in taking woodlice, but in otherFoods. Other spiders with specialized tastes Mimetidae between Pirate Spiders in the family, live exclusively on other spiders.

Pirate spiders to keep the head by a toxin to kill quietly unveils its sting after a single transition at the end of one leg. You also have the negative impact of spiders their pensions imitation companions of the victim stuck in the web.

There are also spiders, ants Zodariidae in the family who are in the  Provision of ants. The ants are potentially dangerous kilet ls Zodariids as in the group, which feed on ants Zodarium bother to do so quickly kill an angry and poignant bachelors away until the ant has been overcome.

The ants are very animals in most Umweltnts and it is therefore not surprising that the specialists of the ants in the other families, spiders, Callilepsis nocturna of Gnaphosidae (on Formica spp.) andSalticidae of the species on Pseudomyrmex spp.

For the spiders, which actively ferret her career in the first piedstep the dinner to find. Spiders who decide themselves about their buildings, or lodges, and stop for a few good place to be mistaken as a precedent, and the hike spiders tarantulas, the vibrations on to tell them what's on.

These spiders, that can browse Cupennius equally effective with closed eyes in the running. But the Spiders, who are actively in search of careers and further down, as the gorge of spiders, especially jumping spiders are much more on the spectacle around.

Almost all spiders Benutzeron hold bitterness in her career prior to use. Therefore, it is cool for them, the offer to other animals is dangerous. Some Crab Spiders Bumble Bees captured much heavier than itself

However, the victim is sitting, he must verbraucht and spinning motion in the open air is the digestion. This means that the enzymes and other digestive juices flowing, or argument in the career of his body. The generously tissue destroyed by these cuts of fruit and sucking the spider. For the spiders, the soup is the only way out of the menu.

Some, like the spiders tarantulas and many balls-web spiders your teeth on the basis of the segment of the pulp chelicerae their victims while they eat. In diesen cases, all body, after the spider has a small blob of unhappy cuticle. The small spiders, especially those who usually essentially the only upset victim Thomisidae small fleapit in the cuticle of its prey and suck the juice through das In continuation of what is on the left side is a beautiful armor intact animal prey.

While most spiders of the bid on invertebrates in general, they are vertebrates, if they kis able to. Dolmedes reports the catch of small fish, sometimes with their own, small lizards Leucorhestris win his prOprea power and Lycosids and Pisaurids the tadpoles and small fish are relatively well documented. The detection of a large spiders pleasant small birds is also known as the tropics.

Tales tarantulas pleasant snakes in the violence are difficult to verify, nor the first description of the activity was from the RomanGenerals Plinius 2000 days. However, there is no suspicion that they are in custody and will probably expand in the tempestuous, if the opportunity comes. In captivity, the tarantula were killed and the introduction of pit vipers 30cm and 45cm Crotale and the Frogs and Lizards.

Stranger calmed, 1924 Reginald Pocock describes a set Poecilotheria regalis power on a rat, in India, although no indication of whether the spider actually killed  Rats. Strangest of all is a tale of Australia in 1919, written by M. Chisolm.

It describes result is a chicken that was killed and 16 meters (50 feet) with a grub Barking Spider Selenocosima spp .. The hen is much too large to be considered, in the weakness of the mind and the leg was retrouvéh the vacuum with the spider, which is connected to the leg.

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