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Glow Light Tetra - A Lovely peaceful and the members of your community tank

Life bring your community tank

Many guardians sounds fresh peas  a warm place in her heart a little fish with a big name, the 1? Hemigrammus erythrozonus customs or broth is easier to say, carbon tetrachloride glowlight. Like its smaller cousin, Neon Tetra, the glowlight is simply to keep the fish in a tank. In fact, many Schutzengel Neon, tired of fighting the disease neon, on the path of glowlight tetra.

The tetramethyl glowlight fishing is in pastel colors with a golden horizontalenrot-band, the sich on the length of his body. Origin in Guyana, South America, the glowlight cold water in a container of acid, but a little peat as soft water is kept between 74F and 82F. Tetra Glowlight usually the lower third of the tank, with the exception of food, if they are going to swim up.

men glowlight tetra body is thinner than its counterpart, even when they say hard to May to separate until the woman is full of eggs. Tetra Glowlight are einfacher to grow than others, such as Neon Tetra and Cardinal tetra. However, with a water doucel'environnement is a critical factor for reproduction. In fact, if the breeding glowlight Tetra, May he help a tank farm. After the females lay their eggs, you must remove the fish of the tank until the fry hatch Depuis glowlights are known for eating their own eggs. Glowlights scatter their eggs into thin sheets between the plants. Cleanrkeit, water and life of foods can reproduce. But when changing from water to note that you do not delete as the cause reservoir to be recycled.

How many Tetra, the glowlight tetra is a school and attracts the fish to swim, accompanied by at least seven of his colleagues. Another common feature of many Tetra is the sensitivity to light. The light in the aquarium tetra glowlight must be filtered. It is easy to herich with plants Aquarium Fish. Artificial plants easy (if you intend to keep your fish), but the glowlight tetra noted that the plants are a real pleasure, with his usual prices tropical flake food, tubifex worms, crabs and cucumbers.

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