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Polar Bear Cubs - The start of a Polar Bear's Life

polar bears begin their lives as a nice and small kiss.

In contrast to the Majesty the King of the Arctic, they will if they survive the high school security.

female detective bears have their first young at the age of four and eight (usually at the age of five or six). Women in the Bas-Arctic abstillen its small, in the presence of her second birthday, while the Far Arctic, where conditions are much more strict and demanding, the care for the little one years

The Polar Bear boys are usually born in pairs, but sometimes, litter contains three ourson and may just be a boy. It was built betweenin November-January in a cave. Your snow caves are known as "Caves of motherhood", and to protect small newborns from the freezing Arctic.

After birth, the boys are 30 to 35 centimeters (12 to 14 inches) long and weighs slightly more than half a kilo (a book). Not useful at risk in their first few weeks after the birth of infirmière them most of the time and to stay as close as possible to her mother to warm. The woman  has cracks in the oursonspeuvent get the heat that they need to survive.

polar boys are born small and powerless, his eyes closed and her hair is very thin at birth, the boys look glabra. They receive their first impression of her mother, after the eye during the first month.

The young grow very quickly, while in the cave, the number of calories with her mother in the fullness of milk, with am fat content of about 31%. Cubs are often on the abdomen before the mothers allaiteralors that her mother back and set his head back and seems a little back and forth as if the rock bears. The young begin to walk the approximately two months. During this time, the boys continue abhängigser about 85% of their time in the cave, sleep in the night.

When she finally, with its small, mostly by the end of March or April, so will the sea ice,so they made their long fast for the fighter with the seal. Cubs to solid food at the moment the àenviron three to four months old.

The boys stay with their mother until they are 2 1 / 2 years, although some bears in the Hudson Bay abstillen younger at the age of 1 1 / 2 When the young reach a point where the strength and coordination, and if they are able and good to go to her mother and her motion to stay or come commands, sind they are ready to leave and her mother by.

During the time that the boys to their mother, they must learn to hunt and survive in one of the toughest in the world by their mother. A mother reflects the success of the seal hunt has a direct impact on their well-being and determine whether the small live or die if they are compatible with their own resources. A mother can sometimes be with his young on their backs in the fields of snow or water,if the conditions too dangerous for young people.

When the boy is weaned, it was the mother of the bear or bears away til males so that they combeginnen their own lives.

Polar Bear Cubs and environmental

As you can see polar bears are very susceptible to their first month. This period is the period in which most deaths associated with pollution and global warming is taking place.

mother BAeren eat contaminated fish and seals. The pollution is in their body fat when they are massive and their children, sieÜbergang of the pollution on the young people about eere high fat content of breast milk. Often ourson their immune system is too weak to the toxins, and the complications, so that they die.

Global climate change is the shortening of the time in the race which means they have not, until the child is too far into the season. Sun bears are less in the Entstehen.

This double Whammy is polar bear for people to fall dramatically.

One study estimates that only 43 percent of the Polar Bear Cubs in the southern Beaufort Sea survived their first year in the course of 2000, compared with a survival rate of 65 percent of the late 1980s and early 1990s years.

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