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he History Of Shih Tzu is characterized by mysteries and legends

The History Of Shih Tzu is characterized by mysteries and legends The History Of Shih Tzu is characterized by mysteries and legends

I understand that APSO dog does, but could also mean "the Goat Art "or" Poilu "dhe Tibetan language. For the Tibetan people, ila was used to mean "Temple Dog." In this context, it is known under the name "Lion Dog". All this has been a long time ago. It seems I read repeatedly that many people to understand and accept, he was from around 1650 temples, three dogs, holy dogs (they have them), were in China and is from these three Shih Tzu come. It seems that many (in this that I have read), the VAGREEMENT on the fact that almost 100 years later, the temple of dogs were owned by the Dalai Lama. Some of these were in chienss Russian visitors and were stolen before they cross the border, as many many others, from the monastery of the Dalai Lama in a civilian uprising, and then again in the different regions of the country. According to historians at the end of the temple, or Lion Dog, the APSO. Therefore all types of small dogs, a similar light as the old APSOis known as APSO. It is considered the beginning of the monastery and one of the caravan chienMCO dog.

When the day or the APSO Shih Tzu as "pure" representatives of the historic Saint-Tibetan dogs, they are clearly with the past, the APSO has Tibet and along the Shih Tzu because of the climate, the environment and Planungication is especially China. I think I can well understand the mysteries of development Shih Tzu. And I think that is absolutely right. Also quel'APSO and Shih Tzu are closely linked in their centuries long past, the two breeds have developed along totally different. The APSO remained in the remote region of the infinity of Tibet, where it may contribute to the climate, without difficulty. And Shih Tzu has been taken, to the luxury life in the Chinese court.

The Shih Tzu was directly from Beijing to Scandinavia and was as a toy, and this is probably a korrekte interpretation of the Chinese ideal. The introduction of the Beijing strain was presumably help to the largest mountain in the monitoring (of APSO) more to the Imperial Palace. In this part of the Shih Tzu heritage, its none of us should be ashamed.

It should be noted, I would like to remind you, this is an article on the history of the Shih Tzu. This article is not a lawyer for every person who crossed with a Shih Tzuother race, for whatever reason. The Americun Shih Tzu Club of the Code clearly states that the intersection of other Shih Tzu breed is strictly prohibited and not acceptable.

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