Friday, April 17, 2009

The importance of socialization your puppy

In Doberman breeder and owner, I am very aware how important a proper socialization of your puppy to a good coordination with your home and family. Some raDiese have the reputation as the vesselshr or agressiontion and others by nature are territorial and protective, but not every dog socialized at a young age is a problem.

From birth to 8 weeks old, when the puppies are in their new houses, is the responsibility of breeders to socialize puppies in the litter. They should be required and will be used from birth, but even more, after the eyes open. Comme they get older, they should be more Mewant. You funny, curious and bold every week.

If you receive your new puppy home, it is necessary to investigate and deal with his new surroundings. After a few days to get there, the family, friends, neighbors and friends met with him every day. This is especially important if you want to race, diemehr protection, his family and his fortune, which he as his territory.

If not properly socialized puppy is aggressive behavior orhostile latoute Who comes close to him or her assets. Other problems may be, for example, a dog that is on the outer bark constantly day in May attention. Dogs from the house with attention not only to play, may be destructive. One of the main concerns for dogs that are not socialized, the dog is relaxed approach and someone nearby to attack, or other pets.

It is also important to your puppy with other animals, it will be in contactwith whether there are other pets or neighborhood animals. Once again, the races, of course, territorial needs a special attention to the socialization with other animals. From the beginning your puppy is the key to him to teach himself in the world. Dogs are naturally social animals and puppy love meeting friends, new games, so it should be fun and enjoyable in your puppy.

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