Saturday, April 18, 2009

Mollie And The guppy fish

from Mollie Poecilia spp. Poeciliidae and family. The Mollie is one of the favorite tank fish, since the fish is similar to the swordtail fish. The swordtail Xiphophorus heller's group. Molly does but not a swordtail, rather than close, well known as a backbone. The fish has a variety of forms, and is at 4 a.m. to 4 p.m.? Inches. People are not larger than 3 1 / 3 or 4 cm does not exceed. Mollie men and women differ in color, size and gonopodium. The fish live in very wide area, and even in the mouths of habitats. The water temperature is desired the molly is 72 degrees not fail 82 degrees Fahrenheit. Mollie also hard water favoriteUGEN what quih, the pH value should be set at seven or eight. The fish is found in the hard waters, the salt is. Mollie use the house furniture, lighting, the surface, thin layers of humus, and so on.


Mollie eat vegetables, including spinach, and seaweed. The fish are omnivorous in nature. Mollie biological factors, that the education of the fish needs water constantly. The fish are livebearers and  successfully providing many spawns. Moreover, Mollie are gregarious, but the fish should be kept in tanks municipalities where universities exist.

fish guppy Poecilia reticulata parents is part of the family Poeciliidae. Fish from the water in Guyana, Venezuela, Brazil, Trinidad and Barbados. The environment is always desired, water. The fish prefer water temperatures at 68 ° C and not more than 75 degrees Fahrenheit. The pH  should not be followed by eight more to less than seven years. The eaupréférée is hard water that the fish can live under extreme conditions, so water lasts. Tank: The fish tanks pull illuminated with abundant amenities. Do you need to fish in a medium and their lush vegetation and plants. Fish eat all kinds of food. Biological, biological loose school of fish is on the constant go, so that it does not take long to learn from the arenas. Zuchtfische are good fish, but be careful, because Guppy eat their own young. You should guppy fish in the tank other aquariums where the fish are carriers of the residence.


Today aquarium ecosystems encompass a wide range of technologies qualities. The air and water pollution, the need for aquarium life, the result of technological progress tanks to the strong demand from the aquarium. Tanks today are  by technical specialists who design real protection of the aquarium water environnementts. Most containers are sold gegenwärtigHeute progress in the electricity, traffic jam, filter, air intake, etc, the market is full of tanks, so that you can increase or decrease the temperature of the water. The switch of the lighting, you can depending on the intensity, making the light or to increase production.

In addition, you have a wide range of inputand off of switches associated with the mechanical timers aquarists to easily adjust water temperature and the intensity of the light.

A avantagetage tanks today is that most tanks are nearly all fish in the market. The problem is all fish are different and require their own attention. This means that you should never group fishes with fish that prefer to live with their own nature. In addition, seawaterr / saltwater freshwater fishes differ. Freshwater fish tropical fish and cold water.

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