Monday, April 13, 2009

your children and Belgian Malinois

Belgian Malinois is very good with children. Of course, as each breed of dog, Belgian Malinois be established for children at a young age, and then very careful to guarantee the loan and Arranment in place. The dog is often push children to love and protest, as the Belgian Malinois is a protective breed. The dog plays with the children, and is in the "pack" if the dog has been properly socialized from a young age.
The introduction of the Belgian Malinois to your children should start when the dog is a dog. All socialization should begin, if one is Belgian Malinois Hund, not a little practice. Puppies should be inintroduced for children one at a time, for the dog and the child to another. So, the puppies should be an experience with a child, then two, then three, etc, all children can be successfully puppies without problems.
It is important to remember that during this process and really while the lives of young children, the dog should not be alone with her enfantrn. Careful monitoring of the puppy and children is essential, because sometimes a childccidentellement antagonize the puppy or adult dog, or the child does something wrong to the dog being teased. This misunderstanding between the child and the dog may cause the dog or the dog to a snap or directly on the child. Play behaviors are very strong in the Belgian Malinois and if your children are from the dog, it kann rejoice, and run the heels of the child or the subject. This should not be interpreted as a behavioraggressive treatment, but they should be.
The child should be for the dog. For example, a child should never be hurt, or click on the dog. Belgian Malinois the interpretation of a negative sanction lasts, and it might be too aggressive, if the "punishment" continues. The child must also know how the dog interprets behavior. For BEXEMPLE, the dog, the child is with a cookie away from the dog, teasing, this may be so badly elicit behavior, surtout of a dog. The child must be able to make a clear distinction between what is appropriate behavior and inappropriate for the dog before it is allowed for puppies. Another thing to note that, Rambunctious children should not be allowed some Belgian Malinois puppies. These children can be easily hurt the dog more than summing rschwang and temporary, or cause lasting damage to physical or dog temperamentally.

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