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The Importance of Dog Obedience Training

For some time, the dogs were considered to be an important member of the human family. Time and effort that we expend to get our dogs are always in the life of loyalty and frequencyundschaft tissue between us and our friends from fur animals. No wonder that the dog has been man's best friend.

A dog can be a happy and rewarding experience for the whole family. Decide that a dog has an important decision, an issue that can not be connected to the surface, because the dog is not just his hair, a fun place, or a diversion of pleasure.

basis of dog obedience training is a necessity for all dogs. Hand obedience training is the basis quejuste to tell a dog to do what we want him. There is a possibility of a dog to behave correctly, or in a way that we as well, under certain conditions or circumstances.

good dog obedience training is certainly not a "do-it-quick" thing. It is a continuous process, the process C imong work in constant motion. You should apply for the life of a dog. Dog C when the formation of fundamentallys obedience training, or C has never been so important now that many dog owners bring their dogs to use as many places where they go.

good dog obedience training should start when the dog is still a puppy. The first four months of life of the dog are very important, dJahren his education. It is the time in which he learns that the conduct of the practice in his life. It is time to learn your dog basic commands like sit and rest.

It is important to note that the training methods of dog obedience or procedures are not identical. It yadifférents type of training, the concepts and methods have been developed through the years, the training of dogs obedience.

But positive dog obedience training is quickly becoming the best method of treatment of dogs. This type of training is possible, almost all young dogs.

obedience should be fun and interessant for you and your dog. A dog that has a good education is confident and friendly and can be greater social cohesion of freedom than a dog that not all trained. A dog should not be created based commands, which by its owners.

The Dog obedience training is that training your dog is in the teaching of one's own dog, too. Through the obedience training of dogs is something very special dog needs. There should be an experienceing, for both the dog and the owner of the dog.

And because the training is communication, it is important that the owner of the Chiens comcommuniquer must learn to handle her dog. Talk to your dog. Speak with your dog you love every day. Even if you do not say: "I love you with your friend who is in the eye and squares rather C nothing.

We all are recognized and accepted as a member of the family. Dogs verstand the language of the people more than what we think they do. Call the attention of your dog as if it were a person benennendurch his name and his or her right to him, when speaking of him.

One of the basic principles of obedience training in this context points to teach your dog on request. Training your dog is probably the first thing that your dog to do.

to the training to say, while you gently seine trousers and holding one of your dog at the top. If a dog is to oblige from above, it will automatically return to his legs.

If you want your dog to sit, to a little over his head and say "sit. As the dog sits, say again, and treat him immediately. Your dog should be in a seated position to the food.

Another favorite command basis, we want to learn our dogs is the Wiederherstellung. EnsEigner from your dog to go for the promotion and retention is an excellent opportunity to give your dog for the fiscal year.

To this end, a ball C, but not too far, if C and the command "fetch". Like the dog that will inevitably begin to run, they go back in to cry. If no ball is available to you, you can use any object that your dog likes to play with what the want to look for him.

rememberert not to play heavy objects or sticks, because it could be your dog or damage his teeth.

The basic dog obedience training is your dog sit and relax. As I said at the beginning of this article, good dog obedience training is not a "do-it-quick" thing: it is a continuous process, the entire process derC work progress.

The Dog obedience training is a very natural, so tired and ERSChöpft is. And it is never without risk of injury, especially in view of the aggressive breeds.

In other words, the dog obedience training is definitely a must for all dogs. A serious mistake, too many owners of pets is that training a dog is pluns in a short time. This is obviously a gross misunderstanding. Training your dog during your entire life of the dog.

the obedience training of dogs is a childwith any of the attitude of their own dog and in good condition. Start training your dog today and his life and too much of your better in the future.

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