Monday, April 13, 2009

yeast dermatitis is a skin Nasty

dermatitis yeast or yeast infections, formally known as dermatitis Malessezia, can run on almost any type, age or race or dog. Most often, est established in dogs with double-layer, where the ideal warm, moist environments of the yeast to grow, and of course more efficiently. But short hair and different breeds of dogs covered things yeast dermatitis in good conditions.
All dogs have the yeast on the skin at any time. In times of stress, allergic reactions, or even during the different phases of the reproductive cycle of the skin can alsooils, lead to an ideal environment for yeast. Mi Chienti course, oily skin or vorhandenenTing skin diseases such as seborrhea, probable candidates for the development of yeast dermatitis. Since seborrhea can be by several factors, it is very important, in close collaboration with the veterinarian of the trial of the cause of excess oil production. In addition, there are races, more than genetics to develop the condition. The races are Chihuahuas, Chow Chow, Basset Hounds, Shetland, the shepherds Lhaso Apsos, Poodles, Cocker Spaniel, Dachshund, Seidey and West Highland White Terrier and Malta. Although the disease is not smelly and it is not contagious and can not be apportioned among dogs, persons or other animals.
early signs of dermatitis yeast are, in general, the constant scratching and leaks on an area of the skin, very similar to the reaction to aHot Spot. The owners see a rash or irritated Patch queune happy degradation continues and the dog is scratching and leaks, as well as the zunehmendenHöhe are yeast. The skin is rough and elephants appear in the affected area, often with crisp, liquid Search lesions, fault and very noticeable odor. As the number of yeast on the skin increases, this situation can quickly spread throughout thebody of the dog.
Treatment of yeast dermatitis varies according to size of the skin is involved. For small areas of skin or for small dogs with renal regularly shampoo anti-yeast shampoos, skin oils, food yeast are often the first therapeutic option. In cases where there is much skin, oral antibiotics are also provided for the dog even faster, and for traitement all secondary bacterial infections that may occur. Wipers antibacterial skin can be used for the Treatment of small areas and remove oils from the skin.
The state is likely to occur if the oils in the skin up to appropriate levels to support growth of wild yeast again. Routine-Baden and covers all the basics of food, hormonal or metabolic activities of the productivityon oil in a new outbreak to prevent. Early treatment of young people in areas should be started immediately, when they are discovered. For dogs, leaks permanently on the ground Elizabethan collar is required, as is a protective dressing, if they scratch.

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