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promote the joys of a mother and her kittens Cat

Spring is here, and with a large number of cats. If you have a shelter near you, you may want to consider if they try, the mother catn and kitten outbursts to the reception and the opening of the house for a family foster Kittens.

Many households have found that the consignment of the cat and her kittens a host family is a great way to save money and an apartment very good way to keep cats away from diseases found in animals the shelters.

Offer your house as a focus for the inclusion of cats is an excellent opportunityity, the huts for animals and a good possibility that with the help of your community. But there are some things that you remember.

First of all, if you have cats, you should be vaccinated, for most diseases cat. Cats and their mother, who could exercise them in diseases such as leukemia and infectious peritonitis cats cats.

You must also ensure that your cat is not something that could be the mother and her cats. After  Test your cat and for the investigation after a state of health would be helpful in maintaining the health, while the juveniles are in your house.

Another thing that you consider voulezà lies in the responsibility. In the week that they are until they are old enough, as amended and adopted, you are responsible for the care. If they become ill, the hut is prodürften the cost, but you are an application of the drug.

You are also responsible for the care of mother and keep cats safe. With a mother and her cat cats visit your house, you will not be so free to go, especially on the all night trips.

These are the difficulties, a focus on the reception of cats. What are the benefits? First of all, the pleasure to give you these petites creatures. Many cats kept refuges survive not because of illness. That is not the Schuld the ceiling, but with all animals that come and go, there's little luck Kittens will not be sick. Depending on how weak or strong they may be, these diseases can kill or weaken the rest of their lives.

Then you want the cats, as they are old enough to communicate with each other. The kittens are so cute, and you allow the assessment of its cutest, until they are old enough to be adopted (in some areas is about three months).

Thirdly, if you have a cat or two (or more), is an excellent way to make their character before making a decision. And if you do not have the pleasure, you know, because he was very small, which many people pleasure.

All these good reasons for a homeless person hatccueillir kittens and cats, if you love a cat.

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