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Piranha Aquarium Guide

piranhas red throat, sharp teeth to tear the meat with ease and meat or gray (red-red belly belly, of course). Piranhas come from South America  and Guyana, and it is against the law to bear on the outside of most countries. They are very dangerous and aggressive fish because they live in schools, which tend to be a competition.

When planning a piranha aquarium, the size of the fish must be at first. Grown piranhas are known, two feet long enough in a large container. Piranhas in the group of swimmers, which means you need space to roam. Effort, two gallons per inch of Piranha of fish. The unequarium six meters long with two feet, two have enough hiding places. At least fifty-gallon aquarium is recommended.


Piranhas (Serrasalmus nattereri) are very careless eaters. Ten to fifteen percent water switch-out, every seven days will be caught, not by the system Filtervom removed. In view of the filter almost all piranha aquariums requires at least two devices, with the process, especially if the Aquarium, with fifty or more gallons. The concentrations of nitrate, the harmful effects on piranhas particularly those directly supervised. PH levels should be between six and a half, and from 6.9 to the piranhas in the Amazon came.

-degree water in a piranha pregnant about eighty degrees, to the movements of the Piranha. Many other devices use the piranha Waterpump prod piranhas to swim in the waves of opposition as in the flow of amazeonas. The practice plusment promotes metabolism levels, dietary habits.

For the decoration, it is better to the fish tank low lighted to piranhas in the sichVenturer in free water. Man-made fauna is recommended. The rocks and the man must be hermetically sealed, since a strong piranhas in spaces that might break the glass.


Piranhas' diet consists entirely of proteins. Leben the rations of meat, such as the non-fatty poultry or beef and fish fillets May be administered daily or Bidaily. Feeder comet fish are a non-election kostetWünsche, but the piranhas, the Meals on virtually every variety of meat. Experience to find what your favor. Whatever you do, do not let your finger in the water too long!


Obviously the piranhas are aggressive fish, so the choice for your tank Relativ thin. But other aggressive fish can co-exist with them. For example, Tetra, cichlids and Oscars, exemplepoisson through chat and co pacus. These fish are generally very defensive fish, while the outer shells plecos are difficult and can become larger, the frightening sizes. Pacus like piranhas and struggle. Tetra's are fast and small sensory instinct which enables them to be free of piranhas. Piranhas also are not appropriate, enter theHunting for those quick, little fellow. May May cichlids or not simultaneously with piranhas, they simply have to do against her team in order to survive. Oscars sontlarge and supports and inexpensive to replace if they slurped from a large, red-belly.

As a rule, not too many new experiences into your piranha tank mates. Add a one to see how they fit. Whatever you do, is not up to them until you know that they go! RESUME

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