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guinea pigs, a culinary delicacy by Rick Vecchio

The guinea pig is a cuddly toys for millions of children around the world. But in Peru, rodents, birthplace, the frog, or cuy is a pillar of Medizinnicht traditionally in the Andes and a victim of religious deities of the mountains, known as the Apus.

But above all it is a pleasure, culinary, enjoy the Peruvians consume an estimated 65 million rodents a year. Dinner usually takes both hands to take flesh and bone, nervous system of a carcase.

For those who want a trial, it is with a high content of protein, cholesterol, low flat, and incroyablement delicious.

guinea pigs were domesticated in Peru since 2500 BC, and probably long before that Daniel Sandy Weiss, an archaeologist at the University of Maine. His excavations in the 1980s in the valley of Chincha, Peru, near the coast of the Central Pacific, has shown that the ritual practice of healing with rich guinea India at least until the Inca Empire.

17th Century native chronicler, Guamán Poma de Ayala, Wrote that the Incas sacrifiés 1000 white guinea pigs with 100 llamas in the main square of Cuzco, so that each Juillet''de nor the sun and the waters have a negative impact on food and impressionds. "

Since the beginning of Spanish colonization, the Catholic Church brutally suppressed religious symbols from India. But the frog was spared.

Geronimo by Loayza, the first bishop of Lima from 1545 to 1575, has refused to engage in a decree  of the Spanish priest, an ex-termination massive rodents, fearing it would be a rebellion.

The Spanish colonizers made Indian artists painting, weaving and carving Article Catholic themes to decorate churches and evangelization the locals.
artists copied prints it from Europe, but it has key Peruvian, unique''andine creating a Baroque style.

Today, the churches of Lima and Cuzco still display IndianRepresentations of the Cen with Jesus and the disciples roasted guinea Party 12.

* In most cases, the preparation is chactado cuy, or simply fried and served with the head from the shield. It is in this way in places such as Trujillo and Chiclayo in Peru on the north coast of the Pacific, and Cajamarca, Ayacucho, Huaraz, Arequipa and Cuzco, in the north and the south of the Andes. *

* But in the center of the Andean Department of Huanuco, a recipeSoftness of their home stands, juicy texture and taste and incomparable aroma seasoned C and not the head back if you are specifically requested. Heres is the recipe: *

* cuy Picante Huanuque? O * Style

* Ingredients: *

*- ** * 2 large guinea

*- ** 1 tablespoon crushed garlic *

*- ** 1? Teaspoon salt *

*- ** 1? Pepper *

*- ** 1? Teaspoon cumin powderforme *

*- ** 2 tablespoons Aji Panca (Peru Chile deep red clay, liquefied in a blender) *

*- ** 2 tablespoons of Aji MIRASOL (dark yellow Peruvian Chile, liquefied in a blender) *

*- ** 1 cup margarine or oil for frying *

*- ** 10 * scallions

*- ** guinea pig heart, liver (and in the original version, which is also thoroughly cleaned the inside) *

*- ** 1 tablespoon nuts broken *

*- **  8 boiled potatoes and yellow skin *

* Preparation: *

* Cut Quarter and guinea pigs, salt and pepper and fry until they are golden yellow bake. Set in a warm bowl. In a large pans, lightly greased with a little splash of olive oil, garlic and Aji Panca Aji MIRASOL in heat. Mix the ingredients and scraping the bottom of the tub to preventing liability, will be continued until the mixture is well made with a golden brown. Tillers scallions, while the white onions, green bars. Add the finely chopped onions in the pan with cumin. In another pan, the combination of heart, liver, and peanuts and cook until the basic fact, then in a robot or a food mixer for liquefy. Add garlic and mixing with Aji mixture into the pans difficult. Add pieces cochon India, cooking 10 to 15 minutes. Allow at least 15 minutes. They serve slices of CHRITedCooked potatoes.
For four .*

Rick Vecchio, Associated Press Writer. People on Peru Tours, it is often surprising that the people of Peru, is used to eat guinea pigs, but the truth is that there is a common tradition, especially in the cities of the Andes. Visits of Lima often show traditions, but it is always good to see directly to the Andes.

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