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intelligently to your Puppy Biting Behavior

approaching the house of a puppy is always an exciting moment. Here is the puppy in the family is a pleasure for you and your puppy. One of the first challenges, however, the excitementing of the puppies, is to combat the inappropriate puppy behaviors.

bite prevention and mouth

bite and the mouth is a common activity for many young puppies and dogs. Puppies naturally bite and mouth from the other when playing with the brothers and sisters, and they allow this behavior to be the companion of man. While other puppies have thick skin, sowährend people do not, it is important to learns, your puppy what is appropriate and what is not the case when it comes to using those sharp teeth.

The first part of the training of puppies is the inhibition of reflex bite. Biting could be nice and harmless with a puppy 5 books, but it is neither cute nor harmless when that dog has to adulthood. Therefore, the puppies are taught their little before the age of four months.

puppies usuallye to learn to inhibit their bite their mother and their litter siblings, but because of their Papillons are young, many have never learned this important lesson. It is therefore to the people in the life of the puppy to learn this lesson.

An excellent means to inhibit the reflex bite is the dog to play and entertain with other puppies and socialized older dogs. Puppies love to mix, roll and play with each other, and if they arePuppies play bite each other constantly.

This is the best way to ensure the puppies learn to control themselves if they are thick. If a dog is too big when you play, the rest of the group, the punishment for this behavior is inappropriate. Through this type of socialization, the puppy learns his morsure reflex.

Good socialization has other benefits, including the training of the dog, not afraid of other dogs, and workoutside of their excessive energy.

The puppies who are allowed to play with other puppies learn important social skills in généralallié to learn better family man. The puppies that are less than socialization can be more devastating hyperactive and have other behavior problems.

Also, the lack of socialization of puppies, and often fearful of the reason for aggressive behavior to develop. Dogs often react aggressively to new situations, especially if they are not very well socialized. For a dog, a member of the community, as well as in the household should be socialized to other people, particularly children.

a distinction between dog owners and other individuals, and between children and adults. It is therefore important that the puppies, for both children and adults.

The best time for a puppyn socializing young children if it is still very young, as a rule, if it is supported by four months or less. One reason is that mothers of young children are naturally reluctant Maialpeu their children in the vicinity of large dogs and puppies aged. This is especially true with the big dogs, or with the dogs, which have a reputation for aggressive behavior.

use the confidence to make the stitches

training your puppy to trust and Respectrum is a very effective tool for preventing bites. The confidence and respect of your dog is the basis of training for all HundeUnd to address the problems of behavior.

It is important salutt never slap or puppies, or during training or at any other time. The physical punishment is the best way to build trust and respect, which is the basis for an education. Zurechtzuweisen not prevent a dog bite C, it is ganz just him fear and confusion.

The formation of a puppy not to bite is not an essential part of any puppy program. Biting behavior which are not eliminated, only to increase, and perhaps in danger, the behavior of a puppy peutrapidement a dangerous escalation in the behavior of a dog in the destructor adults.

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