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The different types of Camel Spiders

dreaded great stories and myths about the spider which people often creeps: the word is that these species may be the food of the meat into portions according to an injection of anesthetic middlelin the body of the victim, does not reveal that the dimensions are just impressive. The truth is somewhere between the buff spider lives in the countries of the Middle East, and he became known in the U.S. and the place in the world after the U.S. troops have a few copies. Beige spider is still wrong, a spider, because the species is cataloged under a different name in the zoos.

more likel scorpions, spiders improvement is part of a arachnide known as solifugae, they live in hot climates steenking ball, with deserts, in the north and south. There are also species of spiders buff with an exclusive local they live in the woods and in the pampas. That is rare these beings, they have a very high intelligence and municipal facilities like insect antennae. Another unique feature of spider buff, he is a sound when emotions rackets, which all the more frightening at first glance.

in reverse order other Artypes of spiders, buff the spider is a carnivore and omnivore, it feeds on other arthropods, but it is not uncommon that the spider to kill buff, is more than the lizards. Many of the videos with buff spider kill her vengeful into pieces and then consume over the Internet have been downloaded. Moreover, it is also interessantsant watching a fight between a scorpion and a camel spider, as then surely win in the commuinde luggage. Impending regarding the risks to humans, there is.

Normally, a camel spider raid is not a person, but if you accidentally to sew, the condition may in fact very painful. But the taste is not as unsmiling as a tarantula needed, because the camel is not to inject araigmalice born. The only way to bös grows in India, and there is no such danger for the people to all, even the camel spider attack will not be a victim, which is more than itself, where the ee myths and rumors are definitely exaggerated and punishment for the test. You will be surprised or afraid of the appearance of spider camel, but if you're not in the printing of the trade, then there is no danger of it.

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