Monday, April 13, 2009

Wobbler syndrome is not always EPM

Often, the characteristics of speed, lack of coordination and "motion" movement that suddenly occurs in horses which is automatically or EPM Equine protozoal myeloencephalitis.Comme it is a common neurological disorders in horses in North America, it is often noted, equine specialists, the lack of coordination and improper speed is a wrong.
In fact, the condition may be a compression of the spine in the neck of the horse, the cause of movement problems. Wobbler syndrome is a crime, either by degeneration of the spine or grinding, and what the Rückenmarksend impulses through the spinal column and orchestrate the movement correctly. Narrowing of the spinal cord in the spine, also known as stenosis, is also in many horses. Wobbler syndrome is often only the front legs and can be gradually increased over time. Veterinarians agree, the biggest problem of Wobbler syndrome is ataxia, or the horse is unable to know where his feet moving  what is in the volatility of prices or the timing of Art. In some of chevauxe status of progress on the point of the horse is unable to communicate on a random walk or in objects, in general, but this is rare.
Symptoms may appear as over time, or good health, coordinates horse suddenly develop serious problems, which are often a source of confusion and horror of the owner. In plupart cases, the front legs are most affected, but sometimes the legs from behind is also a lack of coordination and irrégulièredans movements.
horses for two years are often diagnosed more frequently and is more dominant in certain breeds and lines than others. Horses, which were quickly in the development of Quarter Horses and blood tend to develop the condition, as well as some of the most recent warmblood breeds of livestock, horses for competition in jumping and dressage. Men are almost twice as frequently diagnosed as women, some Forscher strongly supports a genetic component of the condition. Flow, May movement and conformation of all the elements of the horse developing Wobbler syndrome.
surgical treatment may be surgical or non-usually to measure the severity of the condition. A modification of diet in  young horses to slow growth, the addition of vitamin E on diet and treatment corticosteriods May that the status, management and also be corrected. Elderly
horses, where it is difficult signs of Wobbler syndrome surgical procedures to ensure a metal to the area of the spine to relieve pressure on the spinal cord is recommended. This is not an immediate bone to decompress and developer, for printing in full recovery, often several months to a year. The results are very promising with the stabilization of the operation, which represents approximately 75% réussitesgsquote. Many horses, the stabilization of the surgical procedure in running or jumping and no long term problems after recovery.

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