Monday, April 13, 2009

your pets and your Belgian Malinois New

the nature and age of the Belgian Malinois to take over or buy is a decision that only you can do, and at the same time there are millions of reasons, you u have possiblesherweiseno preference for another age, if you have zBTS, you also have feelings, before you adopt a puppy or adult Belgian Malinois.
The Belgian Malinois is not a big dog, but it is much larger than other breeds of dogs and cats certainly sets in size. This can be a problem for other pets, if you have your new Belgian Malinois your current menagerie. The best way to tun is commencer when the dog is a dog, its size is not other pets. Unfortunately, the puppy the behavior of the Belgian Malinois can be a little too much for some animals, this level there are several benefits to adopting an adult growth Belgian Malinois. A dog can
- and ultimately is - very out of control for the first few weeks, you have until it is quite old, are in classes or obedience puppies puppy Kinder  garden. And when it is registered, it is some time until it encounters, enough to practice on a daily basis. Rambunctious puppies behavior, in abundance, while your dog is learning proper dog tag can be very embarrassing to another animal, and can also injured another animal. Adults
Belgian Malinois May frighten a cat or small dog with its size. It can not be as open to new introductions of aNIMALS in nouvellese in age. Another problem with the adult Belgian Malinois is his background. If it came from a place where he needs to save himself, because he was abused, he was able to interpret your dog or the springtHyper behavior as threatening and aggressive.
The Belgian Malinois has a high level of Herding instinct. It is often other environments for the animals, trying to herd, where the dog her. Another problem could be dass  Belgian Malinois is the need to play, it could be running after a small dog or cat, so that other PET reaction. If this is a game, he can be sure that behavior, if the other animals do not like it, he needs more. Most dogs of the coach to say that any behavior in hunting dogs should be arrested, unless the dog is the lessons, of course tempting. In this case, hunting for a small animal could lead to que the hunt for a child or yourself.

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